Why use Bode FGS?

Bode has developed a forensic genealogy program designed to ensure the highest level of quality at all stages of the process.

Bode’s team of experts have a proven track record of successes while maintaining a high level of quality in the testing and investigative processes.  Working with Bode offers our clients the following advantages:

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Bode has processed more than 100 cases for forensic genealogy. In doing this, Bode has helped to provide investigative leads in cases that were previously unsolvable.

Bode's team is comprised of experiences forensic scientists, accredited lab personnel and board-certified and experienced genealogist.

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Case Review and Triaging

Bode has thoroughly researched and pushed the limits of DNA testing for genealogy purposes. As a  result, Bode's genealogy team can review cases and recommend a testing process to give our clients the best chances for generating useable DNA profiles. Bode's scientists consider the quality, quantity, and source of DNA evidence and provide a recommendation of how to best handle the evidence. It’s important to work the best samples and cases in order to utilize time and funding effectively and efficiently to support an investigation. By offering Microarray SNP and Genome Sequencing, Bode offers cost-effective approaches to our clients, while also getting them the best results. This includes:

  • 82%+ success rate in generating results that are searchable in Family Tree DNA and GEDMatch databases after case review
  • 95%+ success rate in generating useable results after QC stages 

Bode’s experienced scientists will review DNA case files and reports to identify which cases and samples are eligible candidates prior to submitting the case for testing. 

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Simplified Submission Process

Bode offers a one-stop, turn-key solution for genealogy cases.  After providing the case file for review and making the decision to move forward, samples can simply be submitted to Bode and we will handle the rest.

This includes a documented chain-of-custody, verifying the quantity of DNA, managing the sample through the collection process, delivering reports to support the investigation, and continual monitoring of samples. 

Throughout the course of the project, Bode’s genealogy team will interact regularly with investigators to efficiently drive the investigations.

Sample Quality Verification and Troubleshooting

Cases requiring genealogy are often cold cases where evidence or extracts may not be ideal for testing.  Additionally, many of these cases may have been processed using older technologies.

As part of our case intake, Bode will review both the case files and the evidence itself for best success.  This includes:

  • Confirmation of DNA quantity: Technologies have improved over time.  Bode performs a quantification verification step on the DNA extracts prior to sending the sample for SNP analysis.  This helps ensure that enough sample is available for SNP testing.
  • Sample troubleshooting: If samples quantify at a lower rate, Bode can provide recommendations and solutions to investigators to prevent expensive and time-consuming SNP typing failures.  This may include suggestions for finding additional evidence or performing new DNA extractions.
  • New/ additional extractions: In the event that there isn’t enough quality sample, Bode can provide new extractions at our accredited facility to help obtain more sample prior to SNP analysis.

These steps can help lead to better testing results, saving valuable time and money.

DNA Extractions at an ISO Accredited Lab

Handling of DNA evidence properly is always critical in the investigative steps.  Within the Bode FGS program, all DNA extractions and quantifications performed are done at our ISO 17025 and AABB accredited laboratory.

Bode’s experience and commitment to quality has helped us develop innovative solutions to more effectively obtain quality DNA sample from evidence for analysis.



Microarray Analysis or Genome Sequencing

Through our commitment to quality, Bode FGS’s scientists have thoroughly evaluated the best path for processing samples. This includes recommending to test using Microarray technology or offering Genome Sequencing on challengning samples. Regardless of the recommendation, successful testing will create files that are useable in multiple databases, including GEDMatch and Family Tree DNA.

Bode's team has thoroughly evaluated our partners to ensure that they meet the quality standards that our clients expect.

DNA Databases - More Profiles = More Investigative Leads

Most genealogy service offerings utilize GEDMatch to identify individuals. Through Bode’s partnerships, Bode FGS also searches profiles in an additional DNA database that contains additional profiles. This additional database greatly expands the pool of profiles that could support developing a family tree to identify suspects of crimes or the remains of deceased individuals.




Utilizing a team of experienced and board certified genealogists can help develop these investigative leads and produce cleaner investigations. Evaluating credible sources, applying stringent quality and ethical standards, and employing diverse investigative methods all help in solving complex problems of identity and kinship. 

Throughout the course of the investigation, the genealogy team will regularly be in touch with the investigators to help drive research and effectively support the investigation.

Featured Genealogist: Melinde Lutz Byrne, CG, FASG

  • Certified Genealogist® from the Board for Certification of Genealogists®
  • Fellow and former president, American Society of Genealogists
  • Forensic and Genetic Genealogy program director at Boston University
  • Former co-editor of National Genealogical Society Quarterly

Ongoing Monitoring

Not every case will result in a match.  Bode’s FGS team will continue to monitor the samples within the databases, even after the initial report goes to our clients.  With thousands of new profiles entered into both databases every month, even initially unfeasible cases may generate leads in the future.

Confirmation Testing

In the event an investigation is successful and a suspect or individual is identified, Bode can provide 1:1 confirmation testing in our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and generate a court-ready report for our clients.  This 1:1 testing is important to confirm the results of the forensic genealogy investigation and to present results that can be used in court.


Bode FGS - Case Submission

Contact Bode if you would like to discuss submitting a case. Bode's Technical Services team can help answer any questions that you have on your case.  

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