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Bode Technology is committed to helping individuals in the justice system better understand the technology of DNA identification testing. Our free webinars Include presentations from industry leaders on impact, new technologies, and best practices targeted to educate on forensic identification and law enforcement investigations.  Bode also offers virtual workshop training on various topics that can be customized for your agency's needs.

Featured Webinar Events - 2 NEW Services from Bode Technology

NEW:  Bode X-traction™ Technology: DNA from Rootless Hairs and Shell Casings 

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Bode Technology introduces a NEW proprietary, advanced DNA extraction from spent shell casings and rootless hairs. Kristen Naughton will present about how Bode's solution can be applied to sampling methods and how using Bode X-traction we may now be able to obtain ~10 X more DNA from the thousands of shell casings and obtain useable nuclear DNA profiles from challenging cases containing as little as a single hair.


Kristen Naughton, Director of Validation and Training, Bode Technology

More Information Please Email Bode.Service@Bodetech.com

NEW: Forensic Investigative Services - Streamline Investigations, Generate Actionable Leads

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Bode and LexisNexis® Risk Solutions have partnered to provide Forensic Investigative Services to our clients.

Location research can take hours on an individual case. Agencies who have a significant caseload resulting from CODIS hits or for those managing through the issue of Lawfully Owed DNA samples can significantly reduce their administrative burden through Forensic Investigative Services.


Samantha Gwinn leads the Public Safety Product Strategy for LexisNexis Risk Solutions, where she provides real-world law enforcement perspective to new and existing solutions. Ms. Gwinn joined LexisNexis in 2011 with more than 12 years of experience as a Crime Analyst, most recently with the FBI Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) Unit, where she provided investigative support for homicide, sexual assault, missing persons, and unidentified remains cases. Prior to joining the FBI, Ms. Gwinn was a Crime Analyst with the San Diego Police Department for several years, working closely with two area commands and the Sex Crimes Unit. 

Andrew Singer, Vice President, Global Marketing and Operations Sales, Bode Technology.  Mr. Singer oversees domestic sales and account management efforts for the company’s operations projects.  Key responsibilities also include developing and implementing go-to-market strategies for new projects and programs and managing strategic partnerships.


More Information Please Email Bode.Service@Bodetech.com

Enjoy Bode's On Demand Webinars Below


On Demand Webinars 

Sign up takes less than two minutes and the webinars are free of charge. After you are registered, you will receive a confirmation email with the details you will need to join the webinar. This email will include a website link and a phone number to dial for hearing audio.  Each webinar is followed by a live Q&A session.  

Sexual Assault Kit Testing Webinar Series


Now Available On Demand:  Sexual Assault Evidence Kit (SAEK) Backlog 4-Part Webinar Series






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Forensic laboratories are often overwhelmed by the volume of sexual assault evidence kits (SAEKs) they receive for processing. This 4-part webinar series, presented jointly by Promega and Bode Technology, addresses legislative issues and workflow efficiencies for SAEK processing in the US. The expert speakers will answer audience questions in a live session after the main presentation.

The series includes:

Part 1 - Anatomy of Sex Crimes: Investigations of Untested Rape Kits

  • Speakers:
    • Hector Martinez, Sergeant, Ft Lauderdale Police Department
    • Tara Sessa, MS, CODIS Administrator, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Crime Laboratory

Part 2 - Effectively Managing the Workload from Sexual Assault Evidence Kit Legislation

  • Speakers:
    • Krista Zaruba, DNA Technical Lead Forensic Scientist, Washington State Patrol Vancouver Crime Lab
    • Michelle Madrid, Senior Criminalist, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

 Part 3 - Embracing the Challenge of Sexual Assault Evidence Kit Testing

  • Speaker:
    • Melissa Diaz, Deputy District Attorney, Chief of Sex Crimes and Human Trafficking, San Diego County District Attorney's Office

Part 4 - Wisconsin's Effort to Process 6,800+ Backlogged Sexual Assault Kits

  • Speakers:
    • Josh Kaul, Attorney General, State of Wisconsin
    • Nikki Roehm, Administrator of the Division of Forensic Sciences, Wisconsin DOJ Wisconsin State Crime Laboratories (WSCL)

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The 6 Pillars of Approaching Sexual Assault Kit Backlogs, Joyful Heart Foundation, Ilse Knecht, Director, Policy and Advocacy


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Sexual Assault Kit Tracking: The Approach and Impact of Statewide Tracking, Michigan State Police

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Presenters from Michigan State Police.




Automation and Speed: Creating a Process for 2-week Turnaround of Sexual Assault Kit Evidence

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Bode discusses how we have implemented new technologies and automation to improve capacity and throughput of testing sexual assault kit evidence in our laboratory.

Heather Sarik, Validation Scientist II, Bode Technology.  Heather has been a Bode employee for over 8 years and enjoys being a member of the validation team where she has been focusing on automating various laboratory procedures using an array of instrumentation for the past few years. She is originally from Virginia Beach, VA and now lives in Fredericksburg, VA with her husband, 2 crazy dogs, and baby number 1 on the way.

Andrew Singer, Vice President, Global Marketing and Operations Sales, Bode Technology.  Mr. Singer oversees domestic sales and account management efforts for the company’s operations projects.  Key responsibilities also include developing and implementing go-to-market strategies for new projects and program and managing strategic partnerships.



Property Crime DNA Testing Webinar Series

Webinar #1:  Oregon State Police’s High Throughput Property Crime Program, Oregon State Police

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 from 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

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Senior Forensic Scientist 1, Ryan Chambers, and DNA Unit Supervisor, Stephenie Winter Sermeno, will discuss Oregon State Police’s High Throughput Property Crimes (HTPC) program.  The presentation will include development and implementation of the original project, assessment of the results of the project, the effects of the Sexual Assault Kit backlog on the program, and statewide expansion of the program.  Both the operational and technical aspects of the program will be covered.


Webinar #2:  Analyzing Property Crimes Is Worth More Than Its Weight In Gold, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Tuesday, September 1, 2020 from 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

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Sean Yoshii, DNA Supervisor at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, will discuss the development of his laboratory’s property crime processing and the lessons learned during that development.




Webinar #3:  A Comparison of DNA Typing Success in Compromised Blood and Touch Samples Based on Sampling Swab Composition 

Thursday, September 10, 2020 from 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

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After attending this presentation, attendees will understand the impact of time and temperature on DNA analysis of samples using both cotton and a proprietary swab designed to minimize degradation of forensic samples. For abstract please click here.

Presented by:  Sarah Seashols Williams, PhD, Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director, Department of Forensic Science, Virginia Commonwealth University


Use of DNA in Post Conviction Testing

Webinar #1: Post Conviction DNA Testing - The Crime Lab's Perspective
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Featured Presenter, Cate Roller, DNA Supervisor at Bode Technology will discuss the process of working with stakeholders in evaluating cases suitable for post-conviction DNA testing.  Various technologies will be introduced and explored, including advanced sampling techniques, STRs, Y-STRs and Forensic Genealogy.  As technologies are discussed, case stories and examples of how applying these technologies has resulted in exonerations will be shared.

Webinar #2: Post-Conviction Collaboration: How Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys Work Together In-Post Conviction Cases
Presenters: Bryce Benjet, Director, Conviction Integrity Unit at Queens District Attorney's Office &
Susan Friedman, Attorney, Innocence Project

Featured Presenters, Bryce Benjet, Chief of the Conviction Integrity Unit at the Queens District Attorney's Office, and Susan Friedman, Staff Attorney at the Innocence Project, will discuss how prosecutors and defense attorneys can work collaboratively in post-conviction. Topics will include evidence searches, DNA testing, and working with state and private DNA laboratories. 

Webinar Series: Use of Rapid DNA in Forensics

Webinar #1: Implementation of Rapid DNA: Prevent Tomorrow's Victim

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Bode Technology and Thermo Fisher Scientific co-hosted this webinar to help the criminal justice community understand the significant impact Rapid DNA and local DNA databases can have on solving and preventing crime. 

Featured presenter Fred Harran, Director of Public Safety, Bensalem Township Police, discussed how these powerful tools can provide real-time investigative information through DNA. Bensalem Township PD was the first police department in the country to utilize a Rapid DNA instrument in conjunction with its well-established local DNA database. 
Director Harran addressed best practices for implementing and using the technology to maximize the impact on the judicial system. He also shared first-hand experiences and answered questions on the use of Rapid DNA.


Webinar # 2: From Collection to Prosecution: Investigations using Rapid DNA and a Local DNA Database 
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Bode Technology and Thermo Fisher Scientific are proud to offer this follow up webinar featuring Glenn Vandegrift, Detective Sergeant of Forensics in the Criminal Investigations Division at Bensalem Township Police department, who will use case examples to explain how Rapid DNA and local DNA databases can solve crimes faster.

With real case examples, Sergeant Vandegrift will illustrate best practices for using this groundbreaking technology. He will also share first-hand experiences and answer questions on the use of Rapid DNA and a local DNA database.


Webinar #3

Preparing for the Worst - Rapid DNA as Part of a Comprehensive Disaster Victim ID Plan

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Bode Technology and Thermo Fisher Scientific are proud to co-host this webinar demonstrating how rapid DNA can play a pivotal role in disaster victim identification (DVI) efforts.

Stephanie Regan, Crime Scene and Laboratory Supervisor at the Kaua‘i Police Department (KPD), will share how the RapidHIT ID System enabled their agency to quickly and cost-effectively analyze tissue, brain and bone samples following a tragic helicopter crash in December, 2019.

Other topics include:

  • The latest streamlined protocols for rapid analysis of skeletal remains
  • Mobile, field-deployable use of rapid DNA
  • A comprehensive solution that includes AABB accredited rapid DNA technology, as well as real-time reach-back support from Bode Technology
  • Additional examples & case studies from agencies in the U.S. and globally



Webinar #4:  Combatting Child Trafficking with Field Forward Rapid DNA and a Comprehensive Reachback Solution

Date and time are to be determined - Registration Link
Presenter: Dane Plaza, Director, Federal Operations, Bode Technology
Bode has successfully developed and implemented a Rapid DNA reachback center that supports Rapid DNA instruments across the country. The comprehensive program encompasses geographically separated Rapid DNA facilities, all of which rely on Bode’s accredited laboratory which is staffed with trained analysts who are providing 24/7/365 reachback support.  The speaker will discuss challenges and successes with deploying instruments, training end-users, and providing real-time support to deliver scientifically supported results.  Principles learned during this effort can be applied to applications supporting law enforcement agencies utilizing this technology.

Forensic Genealogy - Webinar Series:
Exploring the Impact, Processes, Successes and Challenges of Forensic Genealogy

Bode Technology is hosting a 6-part webinar series to examine forensic genealogy and the impact it has had over the past several years.  Speakers include forensic analysts, genealogists, prosecutors, investigators and more.  Over the course of the program, presenters will provide introductions on the technology, as well as explore the application of forensic genealogy in investigations.

Forensic Genealogy: Introduction and Review of More than a Year of Cases
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Presenters Teresa Vreeland and Melinde Byrne, Bode Technology
Description: Presenters provided an introduction to forensic genealogy.  The overview included background on the technology, use of databases, an introduction into how genealogy works, and the process of using genealogy to investigate unsolved homicides, rapes and to identify human remains.

Forensic Genealogy: Unlocking the Science of Genealogy
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Presenters: Bob Bever and Melinde Byrne, Bode Technology
Description: Presenters provided an in-depth look at the science behind forensic genealogy, including exploring the use of Microarrays and Whole Genome Sequencing.  Research on the impact of lower amounts of DNA, degraded DNA and DNA from different sources will be presented.  Results discussed included call rates and the impact those results have when searching databases.

Forensic Genealogy: Enhancing Investigations through Collaboration
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Presenters: Samantha Gwinn, LexisNexis Risk Solutions 
Description: Presenters discussed the investigative process.  Forensic Genealogy investigation requires collaborations between stakeholders.  This presentation talked about the use of LexisNexis Risk Solutions in collaboration with DNA crime laboratories and investigators to develop investigative leads.

Forensic Genealogy: Diving Deeper into Law Enforcement Investigations
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Presenter: John Somerindyke, Retired-Fayetteville Police Department
Description: Presenter discussed forensic genealogy investigations from the perspective of law enforcement.  Within the presentation, different approaches to database searching and research were discussed.

TBD - Forensic Genealogy: Ethics of Forensic Genealogy

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Presenter: TBD
Description: Presenter will discuss the ethics of the use of forensic genealogy.

DNA Evidence Collection: A Collaborative Effort

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Bode's webinar trained on best practices for crime scene evidence collection, packaging, and submission.  The impact that DNA collection has on success rates and efficiency in a forensic crime lab was also discussed. Content includes:

  • Successful DNA Analysis requires cooperation between Law Enforcement Agencies and Crime Laboratories
  • The products, methods, and steps used to collect and preserve DNA evidence directly impact laboratory success rates

Webinar details:

  • Presenter: Dan Watsula, Product Manager, Bode Technology

BodeHITS Webinar – Local DNA Database & DNA Analysis Webinar:  BodeHITS involves the creation of a local DNA database for law enforcement agencies to investigate property and drug crimes that are impacting their communities. BodeHITS gives law enforcement agencies the control to determine which samples are processed for DNA, provides direct access to DNA analysts, and offers fast turnaround times on samples, helping to develop investigative leads. This webinar includes a BodeHITS program overview and software demonstration.

  • There are no upcoming live webinars scheduled.  Please contact us for information on an upcoming date or to request a previously recorded webinar.