Webinars & Workshops

Bode offers a variety of training webinars and workshops that include overviews and demonstrations of our service offerings.  


Sign up takes less than two minutes and the webinars are free of charge. After you are registered, you will receive a confirmation email with the details you will need to join the webinar. This email will include a website link and a phone number to dial for hearing audio.  Each webinar is followed by a live Q&A session.  The webinars are designed for Bode customers and invited guests, and are not open to the public.


NEW: Implementation of Rapid DNA: Prevent Tomorrow's Victim

Tuesday, April 28, 2-3pm EDT - Registration Link


Bode Technology and Thermo Fisher Scientific are proud to offer this webinar to help the criminal justice community understand the significant impact Rapid DNA and local DNA databases can have on solving and preventing crime. 

Featured presenter Fred Harran, Director of Public Safety, Bensalem Township Police, will discuss how these powerful tools can provide real-time investigative information through DNA. Bensalem Township PD was the first police department in the country to utilize a Rapid DNA instrument in conjunction with its well-established local DNA database. 

Director Harran will address best practices for implementing and using the technology to maximize the impact on the judicial system. He will also share first-hand experiences and answer questions on the use of Rapid DNA.

JOIN US: Forensic Genealogy - Webinar Series:
Exploring the Impact, Processes, Successes and Challenges of Forensic Genealogy

Bode Technology is hosting a 6-part webinar series to examine forensic genealogy and the impact it has had over the past several years.  Speakers include forensic analysts, genealogists, prosecutors, investigators and more.  Over the course of the program, presenters will provide introductions on the technology, as well as explore the application of forensic genealogy in investigations.

Attendees Must Register for Each Webinar that they Would Like to Attend.


Forensic Genealogy: Introduction and Review of More than a Year of Cases
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Presenters Teresa Vreeland and Melinde Byrne, Bode Technology
Description: Presenters will provide an introduction to forensic genealogy.  The overview will include background on the technology, use of databases, an introduction into how genealogy works, and the process of using genealogy to investigate unsolved homicides, rapes and to identify human remains.

Tuesday, March 24, 2-3pm EDT - Forensic Genealogy: Unlocking the Science of Genealogy
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Presenters: Bob Bever and Melinde Byrne, Bode Technology
Description: Presenters will provide an in-depth look at the science behind forensic genealogy, including exploring the use of Microarrays and Whole Genome Sequencing.  Research on the impact of lower amounts of DNA, degraded DNA and DNA from different sources will be presented.  Results discussed will include call rates and the impact those results have when searching databases.

Tuesday, April 7, 2-3pm EDT - Forensic Genealogy: Enhancing Investigations through Collaboration
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Presenters: Samantha Gwinn, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Additional Presenters to be named later
Description: Presenters will discuss the investigative process.  Forensic Genealogy investigation requires collaborations between stakeholders.  This presentation will talk about the use of LexisNexis Risk Solutions in collaboration with DNA crime laboratories and investigators to develop investigative leads.

DELAYED - Forensic Genealogy: Implementing a Forensic Genealogy Program
Please forgive us, this webinar is currently delayed due to a scheduling conflict - please register if you are interested and you will be notified when the webinar will take place. You will also receive any communications about the webinar, including when a recording will be made available.
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Presenters: TBD
Description: Presenters will provide information from the perspective of attorneys on how to properly implement a forensic genealogy program.  Issues discussed will include proper collection, communication, and the potential concerns regarding privacy.

Tuesday, May 5, 2-3pm EDT - Forensic Genealogy: Diving Deeper into Law Enforcement Investigations
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Presenter: Mike Fields, Orlando Police Department
Description: Presenter will discuss forensic genealogy investigations from the perspective of law enforcement.  Within the presentation, different approaches to database searching and research will be discussed.

Tuesday, May 19, 2-3pm EDT - Forensic Genealogy: Ethics of Forensic Genealogy
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Presenter: TBD
Description: Presenter will discuss the ethics of the use of forensic genealogy.

Now available on-demand: DNA Evidence Collection: A Collaborative Effort

Join Bode Technology’s webinar to learn best practices for crime scene evidence collection, packaging, and submission.  Also hear about the impact that DNA collection has on success rates and efficiency in a forensic crime lab. Content includes:

  • Successful DNA Analysis requires cooperation between Law Enforcement Agencies and Crime Laboratories
  • The products, methods, and steps used to collect and preserve DNA evidence directly impact laboratory success rates

Webinar details:

  • Presenter: Dan Watsula, Product Manager, Bode Technology

Webinar now available on-demand: Contact us to receive a recording

BodeHITS Webinar – Local DNA Database & DNA Analysis Webinar:  BodeHITS involves the creation of a local DNA database for law enforcement agencies to investigate property and drug crimes that are impacting their communities. BodeHITS gives law enforcement agencies the control to determine which samples are processed for DNA, provides direct access to DNA analysts, and offers fast turnaround times on samples, helping to develop investigative leads. This webinar includes a BodeHITS program overview and software demonstration.

  • There are no upcoming live webinars scheduled.  Please contact us for information on an upcoming date or to request a previously recorded webinar.




One-day or half-day training programs can be offered at your agency with a minimum number of participants and can be customized to fit the educational needs of your agency.  Among others, topics including the following are offered:

  • Crime Scene Collection and Advanced DNA Techniques Workshop – Designed exclusively for crime scene personnel, detectives, attorneys and lab analysts who use the most advanced techniques of touch DNA evidence collection and technologies

  • Forensic Paternity Statistics Workshop – Provides training in various paternity index calculations, Bayes’ theorem, use of databases, and verbiage for conclusions

  • Forensic Kinship Statistics Workshop – Provides training for calculating various paternity and kinship indices by hand and understanding the statistics at the most fundamental level