Virtual Lab

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Bode's Virtual Lab

Please explore our virtual lab to learn more about Bode's technologies and solutions.

Zone 1: Our Analysts
Bode's has more than 140 scientists dedicated to our mission of improving public safety. Click here to learn more about our experience and accreditations held by the laboratory.

Zone 2: Extractions and Sampling
Bode had proprietary solutions for extractions and offers many solutions for sample collections that are applied to various types of evidence. Our solutions help to collect the most DNA while maintaining the highest levels of quality.

Zone 3: Automation
Bode has worked tirelessly to improve efficiency and maintain quality. One key effort has been through automation.

Zone 4: PCR 7500
Bode primarily utilizes the 7500 in our clinical operations. Explore how Bode has applied this technology to provide COVID testing services for our clients.

Zone 5: Amplification and Analysis
Bode processes thousands of forensic cases monthly. Explore our technologies that are used in amplification and analysis of profiles.

Zone 6: Mixture Interpretation
Bode has implemented STRMix in our laboratory to help interpret complex mixtures.

Zone 7: Rapid DNA
Bode supports law enforcement using Rapid DNA by offering validation and reachback services, as well as creating local DNA databases. Bode also offers Rapid DNA services in our laboratory to support rush testing.

Zone 8: Massively Parallel Sequencing/ Next Generation Sequencing
Bode is implementing MPS for the us in mtDNA testing. Bode's Forensic Research & Support team provides research and application of novel technologies to the forensic field.

Zone 9: Sexual Assault Kit Testing
Bode has process more than 120,000 sexual assault cases for our clients. This includes backlog reduction as well as expedited testing through our Bode-ASAP program, with testing in as fast as 2-weeks.

Zone 10: Forensic Genealogy Service
Forensic genealogy has been utlized to solve cases that had gone cold. This novel technology has had a major impact on providing investigative leads or to identify the missing. 

Zone 11: Collection Products
Bode's proprietary colleciton products help provide better DNA yields and higher success rates than other solutions availabl.e

Zone 12: Posters and Presentations
Take a look at recent publications from Bode's team showcasing new technologies and solutions.