Validation and Consulting

Bode Technology offers validation and consulting services to support capacity enhancement with automation and workflow improvement in laboratories.  Bode has provided more than 100 validations and equipment reviews for clients.  
Bode has processed more than:
• 100,000+ sexual assault kits
• 200,000+ forensic cases
3.5 million DNA profiles 
• 30,000+ unidentified remains
Automation and Workflow Improvement
Bode’s laboratory is designed to handle high-volume databasing, property crime casework, and sexual assault casework samples.  Bode also regularly processes rush casework with as fast as a 1-day turnaround.  
Let Bode Technology help implement the following solutions into your laboratory:
• Evaluation and implementation of improved sexual assault kit workflows
• Introducing automation into your processes
• Batch and rush processing 
Independent Validation Services
Bode provides independent validation services to laboratories worldwide.  As an independent consultant, Bode provides completely unbiased analysis and review of your equipment, chemistries, or processes.
Customized Approach 
Bode offers a complete validation (including all components below) OR validation services in the area that best supports your lab’s needs.
• Validation design
• Script development
• Validation lab work
• Data analysis
• Validation binder
• Training