STRMix: Probabilistic Genotyping

Mixture Deconvolution

The use of probabilistic genotyping enables Bode’s analysts to develop more profiles in cases that previously too complex to analyze. By using this technology, we can:

  • Generate more useable profiles
  • Deliver more investigative information
  • Interpret previously unresolvable mixtures

STRMix - Implementation

Bode has validated STRmix v2.5.11 for use with all four commonly used STR kits in the US:

  • Globalfiler
  • PowerPlex Fusion 6C
  • PowerPlex Fusion
  • Investigator 24plex 

Bode has validated up to 4 person mixtures using STRmix.

Since first launching STRmix in 2018 Bode has analyzed >2,500 cases for >20 agencies using STRmix.

STRMix – Validation Services

Bode can provide validation services for STRMix implementation. Implementation of STRMix can be incredibly time consuming. Bode’s services can help reduce that burden and enable analysts to prioritize casework while bringing probabilistic genotyping on quicker.

STRMix validation service can include:                                   

  • Customized validation plan meeting FBI QAS (2020 Standards) and SWGDAM Guidelines for the Validation of Probabilistic Genotyping Systems                    
  • Laboratory work performed by Bode scientists
  • Initial data analysis to confirm any required sample reprocessing      
  • Summary of methods and sample sheets
  • Reagents and samples for validation (if desired)