Rapid DNA Reachback Support


Bode’s Comprehensive Rapid DNA Support

Bode's Rapid DNA support program creates a complete solution for our clients from implementation, to database development and through on-going reachback support.  The program consists of:

Rapid DNA Reachback Support

Bode has had experience in providing reachback support for Rapid DNA users for several years.  This includes work with local law enforcement as well as federal agencies. 

Rapid DNA Reachback support entails a forensic analyst reviewing data from a rapid instrument that is flagged for review, which is otherwise known as Modified Rapid DNA Analysis.  A forensic analyst will review the data and, based on the quality of the sample, pass or fail the results. It is estimated that ~75% of the samples sent for Reachback support are passed after review.

On-demand Support

Bode offers support during all business hours across the United States.  A Bode analyst will be available Monday-Friday from 8am – 8 pm EST.  Requests outside of that time will be addressed during the next business day.

Cost Savings and Rapid Response

Bode analysts will respond within 1 hour** during business hours.  With quick responses, clients will see:

  • Increased success rate with rapid samples
  • Cost savings from not having to run additional samples
  • No requirement to re-collect samples
  • Reduction in the time-to-answer for flagged samples or questions about stats

**Average response time

Compliance with Quality Guidelines

Bode’s Reachback support, also referred to as Modified Rapid DNA analysis, meets the standards published in the FBI’s Quality Assurance Standards.  Analysts that provide this support are formally trained and qualified to perform these services.  Analysts also participate in annual proficiency testing for Modified Rapid DNA Analysis.

Secure Data

All data is treated as secure.  Transfer of information is performed through secure channels.