Rapid DNA Program

Rapid DNA Program

Partnering to Maximize Impact

Achieve the Full Benefits of a Rapid DNA Program by Partnering with a Fully Accredited Laboratory

Comprehensive Rapid DNA Program

Bode has developed a program to maximize the success and impact of Rapid DNA technology. 

Bode supports and manages the DNA database automatically reporting HITS, validates the Rapid HIT instrument, and provides on-demand Rapid Reachback support.

BodeHITS: Local DNA Database

Rapid DNA may bring immediate success on cases with suspects, but the development of a database can maximize impact. BodeHITS allows law enforcement agencies to:

  • Develop a database of local suspects and evidence profiles searched daily to generate investigative leads
  • Ability to send evidentiary and reference samples for DNA processing to Bode's lab (completed within 30 days)
  • Expand database regionally with other local Law Enforcement agencies

RapidHIT ID Validation

Bode will validate your RapidHIT ID™ instrument testing for accuracy, reproducibility and precision in compliance with recommendations from the FBI’s Quality Assurance Standards and deliver a report for documentation purposes. 

Rapid DNA Reachback Support On-demand

Bode offers Reachback Support for Rapid DNA users to resolve flagged results in testing or answer questions. Bode analysts will respond within 1 hour during business hours.  Rapid DNA Reachback Support will maximize impact by:

  • Accessing DNA analysts to resolve questions quickly
  • Increasing your success rate with Rapid samples
  • Saving cost by not needing to test additional samples

Maximizing the Impact of Rapid DNA for Law Enforcement

Rapid DNA can have a significant impact on improving public safety. Agencies can create a comprehensive Rapid DNA Program through a partnership with Bode Technology.

Advantages of the Program

  • Accurate testing and expert support
  • 90 minutes to results on RapidHIT
  • Submitted evidence results within 30 days
  • BodeHITS Database tracks and supports investigative leads in real-time
  • Instrument validation to FBI standards
  • Cost effective comprehensive program
  • Court ready documents and testimony support

Impact of a Database

Law enforcement agencies may have immediate success and build long-term value within their first upload or submitted batch. Active local databases have been proven to act as a deterrent for criminals. As the number of database samples increase, agencies will begin to see “cold hits” to cases which can develop new investigative leads in previous no-suspect cases.  DNA databases have been proven to:

  • Significantly reduce violent and property crime
  • Provides substantial return on investment for the agency and protected community
  • Solving crime locally, linking cases, and identifying serial offenders

Partnership with Bode Technology on the Comprehensive Rapid DNA Program

Partnering with Bode means partnering with a fully accredited DNA laboratory per FBI standards, working with an experienced laboratory having tested over 200,000 cases, access to the same expert DNA support and services Bode continuously provides to the Forensic DNA Public Laboratories, Law Enforcement Agencies, and District Attorney’s Offices nationwide for the past 25 years, and working with a laboratory continuously developing cutting edge processes and technologies in DNA testing.  

  • DNA analysis on touch DNA or challenging evidence
  • DNA analysis on samples containing mixture profiles
  • Technical Rapid DNA support
  • Priority and expedited DNA testing
  • DNA expert access and testimony support