Rapid DNA

Bode provides comprehensive Rapid DNA Services and Support enabling end users to have a Rapid DNA solution that meets published quality standards, while providing access to DNA database development solutions and support from forensic DNA analysts. 

Rapid DNA describes the fully automated (hands free) process of developing a DNA profile without human intervention. When Rapid DNA is properly deployed, with the support of an accredited laboratory, there is the opportunity for increased success. Rapid DNA technology can provide:

  • Expedited results of investigations
  • Confirmation of individual identity or relationships
  • Identification of investigative support or leads for law enforcement
  • Exoneration of suspects from criminal investigations

Rapid DNA Services at Bode

Comprehensive Rapid DNA Support

Bode’s Comprehensive Rapid DNA Support includes multiple elements.  Bode supports clients through an annual or monthly subscription.

Rapid DNA Testing Service 

Bode  has implemented the RapidHIT ID™ system for laboratory operations. The RapidHIT ID uses cutting edge technology to generate DNA profiles in <90 minutes for single-source reference samples. Through this service, Bode offers:

  • Same day comparisons, including statistical analysis, of single-source samples to other forensic samples
  • Rush turnaround on confirmation testing for CODIS hits


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