Investigative Services

Investigative Services for Law Enforcement 

Bode offers a robust suite of services to help develop investigative information.

NEW: Forensic Investigative Services

Streamline Criminal Investigations, Generate Actionable Leads

Bode and LexisNexis® Risk Solutions have partnered to provide the Forensic Investigative Services to our clients.

Caseload Management Improvement

Location research can take hours on an individual case. Agencies who have a significant caseload resulting from CODIS hits, or for those receiving monthly batches can significantly reduce their administrative burden through the Forensic Investigative Service:

  • Manage caseloads and reduce research time
  • Prioritize offenders to maximize investigative resources
  • Initiate contact with consensual partners, witnesses, and cold case victims
  • Prioritize and locate offenders for DNA collection


Bode Forensic Genealogy Service (FGS)

Forensic Genealogy utilizes traditional genealogy research with advanced DNA testing to help identify potential links to unknown profiles. Traditional genealogy traces lineages throughout history to develop family trees and demonstrate relationships between individuals. Forensic genealogy incorporates those practices and DNA  analysis to enable researchers to develop those same relationships from an unknown sample.

The ability to solve a case begins with identifying the best cases and samples suitable for testing.  Bode offers a Free FGS Assessment/ Case Review to our clients.  

Featured Enhancement: Forensic Flashback
Bode has collaborated with LexisNexis to offer investigative support with their team of crime analysts.

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BodeHITS: Local DNA Database

BodeHITS™ is a service provided by Bode Technology to law enforcement agencies designed to quickly develop DNA profiles from evidence and reference samples collected from crime scenes, ideally suited for property and drug crimes. BodeHITS offers the expanded use of DNA on some of the crimes that impact communities most.  Within the BodeHITS program, law enforcement agencies select the samples that they want processed for DNA analysis.  The resulting DNA profiles are entered into a local database where they are compared to other DNA profiles.  Matches are sent by email directly to the agency as investigative leads.

The BodeHITS program offers:

  • Cost-effective DNA analysis
  • Control, as the law enforcement agency decides which samples to submit
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Automated DNA match notifications sent via email
  • Direct access to scientific experts
  • Opportunity to develop a local or regional solution

Comprehensive Rapid DNA Support
Bode works with law enforcement to validate instruments, develop a rapid DNA program, and provide on-demand reachback support.

The program maximizes the success and impact of Rapid DNA technology by managing a DNA database automatically reporting HITS, validates the Rapid HIT instrument, and provides on-demand Rapid Reachback support.

The Comprehensive Rapid DNA Program includes:

  • Rapid DNA Validation and Support
  • BodeHITS Local DNA Database
  • On-demand Rapid DNA Reachback Support