How Forensic Genealogy Works

How Bode FGS Works

Bode provides a comprehensive, turnkey solution for our clients.  Throughout the process, Bode scientists and genealogists regularly communicate with investigators to provide updates and collectively determine how to move an investigation forward.

Prior to Submission

With every case, investigators and scientists are working with precious and limited evidence.  Bode's forensic experts will evaluate the case based on what is known.  This evaluation includes identifying the amount of DNA, the integrity of the sample and the quality of the DNA profile.  Based on that, Bode will make a recommendation on if the sample itself is suitable for advanced DNA testing (SNP Testing). Contact us today to discuss your case.

DNA Quality Review, SNP Testing or Genome Sequencing and Forensic Genealogy Screening

We understand that many cases may have been tested using older technology.  Additionally, many DNA samples have experienced sample degradation or loss over time.  In an effort to save time and money, Bode will re-quantify the sample remaining prior to sending the sample on to further DNA testing.  Based on the results, Bode may recommend additional sample extractions.  

Once that is complete, the sample is ready for SNP testing or Genome Sequencing and forensic genealogy screening.  Once complete, Bode will make a recommendation on whether or not to pursue forensic genealogy research and investigation based on the quality of links within the genealogy databases.

Forensic Genealogy Investigation

Bode's team of board certified and experienced genealogists will provide genealogy and ancestry investigations to help develop investigative leads to clients.  Through extensive and thorough research of records, Bode's FGS will develop family trees from the matches to help drive the investigation.  Based on the information available, Bode's team may be able to identify close and distant relatives - and in some cases the identity of the individual themselves to the investigators.

During the course of the investigation, the genealogists may contact investigators directly to help point the investigation down the right path.  The collaborative effort culminates in a report that includes investigative leads to the client.

Confirmation Testing

The critical part of the investigation is confirming the identity of the individual.  As a suspect in a case is identified, investigators should obtain a reference sample from the suspect to perform direct comparison to the original evidence.

Bode offers expedited confirmation testing in our laboratory to quickly confirm the identity of the individual.  A report that includes the statistical likelihood that the new sample matches the original evidence will be issued by our accredited lab.

 Ongoing Monitoring

Not every case is going to result in an investigative lead.  Some cases may not be good candidates at all for a full forensic genealogy investigation.  However, thousands of new samples enter the databases on a monthly basis.  

Bode will continue to monitor the cases for new links within the databases and contact the client if there is a development.


Bode FGS - Case Submission

Contact Bode if you would like to discuss submitting a case. Bode's Technical Services team can help answer any questions that you have on your case.  

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