FGS Case Submission

Case Review

Not all cases are eligible are suitable for forensic genealogy testing.

Before submitting a case, Bode's team of forensic experts will review information about the case and the evidence itself.  The SNP testing performed requires more DNA than traditional forensic DNA testing.  It is ideal that a single source profile is submitted as well.

Contact Bode.Service@Bodetech.com for a free case review.

Case Submission

All cases must be accompanied by our Bode FGS Case Submission Form listed below or the evidence will be returned. 

Case Submission Form

It is ideal that extract from previous case processing is submitted.  Extract must be shipped as it is stored (i.e. if the extract is stored frozen, the extract must be shipped frozen on ice).  If extract is not available, Bode's team can discuss new extractions.  In those cases, the original evidence items must be submitted.

Evidence should be packaged and shipped by someone professionally trained in evidence handling and chain of custody and sent for overnight delivery using a traceable courier (FedEx, UPS, etc) with a tracking number and signature required. This will help maintain proper chain of custody for the evidence. Make sure evidence will arrive at our lab from Monday through Friday only. Do not ship to a specific person as this may compromise the chain of custody. For hand deliveries, you must contact the technical services team to set up an appointment for the delivery.

Contacting Technical Service

Bode's Techical Services team can help answer any questions that you have on your case.  

Email: Bode.service@bodetech.com

Phone: 703-646-9740