FGS Assess

FGS Assess

The ability to solve a case begins with identifying the best cases and samples suitable for testing. 

Forensic Genealogy Case Review

Bode offers an FGS Assessment/ Case Review to our clients.  Bode has offered this service to clients looking from 1 case to more than 100 cases for consideration and determination of suitability for forensic genealogy testing.  The success of testing a case/ sample often hinges on the ability to generate quality DNA results.  Based on previous DNA testing, Bode can assess the ability to generate usable DNA results for forensic genealogy analysis.

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What are quality DNA results?

Call Rate: Quality DNA results include the call rate of the resulting profile.  A call rate of 100% means that every marker tested produces a result.  With Bode FGS, we are looking at a minimum of 625,000 markers, so a 100% call rate is not necessary to achieve reliable, accurate data.  However, higher call rates will signify more data available for comparisons which will result in stronger searches within the databases.  This is because there are more markers to search against, and because higher call rates often mean greater accuracy of the calls.

Accuracy: In order to have accurate and strong genealogical matches, it’s critical that the DNA results are correct.  Otherwise, there is the risk of missing valuable information to support an investigation.  By evaluating the DNA available for testing, Bode will assess each sample individually and recommend a testing approach of Microarray (MA) SNP testing, Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), or sample preservation for future technological advances.

Assessing cases for forensic genealogy

Bode has performed internal studies to develop a matrix to make recommendations that will give the evidence the best chance of resulting in searchable profiles.  Factors that impact the call rate and accuracy of the DNA results include:

  • Quantity of DNA
  • Source of DNA
  • Quality of STR DNA profile
  • Degradation Index

Bode’s team of experts with familiarity of forensic case files and the available advanced DNA testing technologies will review and recommend eligible sample candidates in a tiered fashion. A sample of that effort is shown below.