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Evaluation of Direct PCR on Aged Touch DNA Cuttings & Swabs

Presenters:  Abigail S. Bathrick, MFS, Anna C. Salmonsen, MFS, Jon M. Davoren, MSc, Bode Technology

3D Printing Supplies for a Forensic DNA Lab

Presenters:  Heather Sarik, MS, Abigail S. Bathrick, MFS, Kristen Naughton, BS, Bode Technology

Direct PCR Artifacts Identified in Touch DNA from Fired Cartridge Casings

Presenters: Abigail S. Bathrick, MFS, Anna C. Salmonsen, MFS, Jon M. Davoren, MSc, Bode Technology

Comparison of GlobalFiler™ and PowerPlex® Fusion 6C for Direct PCR Amplification of Touch DNA Samples

Presenters: Anna C. Salmonsen, MFS, Abigail S. Bathrick, MFS, Jon M. Davoren, MSc, Bode Technology

Evaluation of Collection Methods for Direct Amplification of Touch DNA Samples

Presenters:  Anna C. Salmonsen, MFS, Abigail S. Bathrick, MFS, Jon M. Davoren, MSc, Bode Technology

DNA recovery after sequential processing of latent fingerprints on copy paper

Abigail S. Bathrick MFS,Sarah Norsworthy MS,Dane T. Plaza BS,Mallory N. McCormick BA,Donia Slack MS,Robert S. Ramotowski MS; JOURNAL OF FORENSIC SCIENCES; Volume 67, Issue 1 January 2022, Pages 149-160.  First published 09 September 2021

Bode Armor: A Development Validation of a Robust Preservative Solution Abstract

Presenters: Allie Flores, BS., Dan Watsula, MS., Robert Bever, Ph.D., Bode Technology

Bode BioSafe™ Swab: Preventing Crime Scene “Culture” from Degrading DNA Evidence

Presenters: Allie Flores, BS., Dan Watsula, MS., and Robert Bever, Ph.D., Bode Technology

Optimizing the Processing of Databasing Samples using the Hamilton®easyPunch™ STARlet

Presenters:  Allie Flores, BS., Heather Sarik, MS., Kevin W.P. Miller, Ph.D., Dan Watsula, MS., Robert Bever, Ph.D., and Kristen Naughton, BS., Bode Technology.

Validation of a High-Throughput Automated Liquid Handling DNA Extraction System to Maximize Efficiency in Forensic Casework

Authors:  Heather Sarik, MS,1Kristen Naughton, BS,1and Kevin W.P.Miller, PhD2,*

1BodeTechnology, 2Government and Regulated Laboratories, Hamilton Company

Evaluation of Methods for the Application of Preservative Solutions to Saliva on Swabs

Authors:  Abigail S. Bathric, MFS and Jon M. Davoren, MSc, Bode Technology.

An Evaluation of Collection Devices in High-Volume Databasing

Presenters:  Erin Sweeney, MS., Hannah Gillis, MS., Kira Mandel, MS., Dan Watsula, MS., Bode Technology

Inter and Intra-individual Variation in Skeletal DNA Preservation in Buried Remains

Authors:  Alexandra L. Emmonsa, Jonathan Davorenb, Jennifer M. DeBruync, Amy Z. Mundorffa a, *University of Tennessee, Department of Anthropology, b Bode Technology, c University of Tennessee, Department of Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science

Evaluating Differential Nuclear DNA Yield Rates and Osteocyte Numbers Among Human Bone Tissue Types: A Synchrotron Radiation micro-CT Approach

Authors:  Janna M. Andronowski a,*, Amy Z. Mundorffb, Isaac V. Pratta, Jon M. Davorenc, David M.L. Coopera

a Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Saskatchewan, bDepartment of Anthropology, The University of Tennessee, cBode Technology

Spatial Impacts of a Multi-individual Grave on Microbial and Microfaunal Communities and
Soil Biogeochemistry

Authors:  Sarah W. Keenan1*, Alexandra L. Emmons2, Lois S. Taylor1, Gary Phillips3, Allison R. Mason1, Amy Z. Mundorff2, Ernest C. Bernard3, Jon Davoren4, Jennifer M. DeBruyn1*

1 Department of Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science, University of Tennessee, 2 Department of Anthropology, University of Tennessee, 3Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, University of Tennessee, 4Bode Technology

Direct PCR Amplification of Forensic Touch and other Challenging DNA Samples: A Review

Authors:  Sarah E. Cavanaugh and Abigail S. Bathrick, Bode Technology

ESDA®-Lite Collection of DNA from Latent Fingerprints on Documents

Authors:  Dane T. Plaza, Jamia L. Mealy, J. Nicholas Lane, M. Neal Parsons, Abigail S. Bathrick. Donia P. Slack, Bode Technology

Nondestructive Biological Evidence Collection with Alternative Swabs and Adhesive Lifters

Dane T. Plaza B.S, Jamia L. Mealy M.F.S, J. Nicholas Lane M.S.F.S., M. Neal Parsons, M.S., Abigail S. Bathrick M.F.S, Donia P. Slack M.S.

Advanced Testing Solutions - Exploring Novel DNA Testing Approaches to Close Cases - Abstract
Presenter: Deanna Lankford
Information: CDAM, March 13/ 2:45-4:00 PM

The AdVANTAGEs of High Throughput Forensic Casework Automation Abstract
Presenter: Heather Sarik
Information: VANTAGE User Group Meeting (San Diego), January 28, 202/ 8:20 - 8:40 AM

A Comparison of DNA Typing Success in Compromised Blood and Touch Samples Based on Sampling Swab Composition -  Abstract
Presenter: Sarah J. Seashols Williams, PhD, VCU, et. al

Assessing the Reliability of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Micro-Array Data for Forensic Genealogy - Abstract
Presenter: Robert Bever, PhD

An Evaluation of the Illumina® Infinium™ Omni Express Exome Bead Chip for Forensic Testing - Abstract
Presenter: Jon Davoren

Examining Various Methods to Extract and Amplify Degraded DNA - Abstract
Presenter: Emily Spack