Discovery and Testimony

Discovery Packets

Bode Technology can provide a discovery packet upon request once casework is completed prior to trial. 

Bode's standard discovery package includes:

  • Case file
  • Lab worksheets
  • Final chain of custody
  • Controls data
  • Accreditation certificates for Bode Technology
  • Analyst resume and proficiency testing history

Note: Additional materials may be included upon request, but inclusion of those materials may be subject to additional fees.

The standard turnaround time for completion of a discovery packet is 4 to 6 weeks.  Any request for a faster completion will be subject to a rush fee.

Discovery Packet Requests

Please complete the following form and return to  Questions can be sent to this email address.

Testimony Requests and Subpoenas

Bode offers testimony, depositions and pre-trial hearing assistance for all cases handled by the Bode laboratory as well as any case reviews.  Testimony and depositions are offered in-person, via live video or via telephone as needed.

Testimony and depositions are charged on a daily or hourly rate. A quote will be provided at the time of the request.

To request testimony assistance from Bode , please email your inquiry to and attach the subpoena.  As part of Bode's testimony service, the analyst who will testify will provide a pre-trial consultation.

Discovery and Testimony

Discovery and Testimony

Yes, we will do our best to get you in contact with the former employee of Bode Technology and provide them with all necessary case documents for their testimony.  The process for requesting the testimony assistance of a former employee is the same as outlined above.  To initiate your request, email or call (703) 646-9795.

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Subpoenas are accepted via mail, email, fax or legally served. 

If mailing or serving the subpoena, please mail to:

Bode Cellmark Forensics
10430 Furnace Rd., Suite 107
Lorton, VA 22079

If emailing the subpoena, please email to

If faxing the subpoena, please fax to 703-646-9741.

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