Criminal Casework

Individual Casework

Bode Technology has over 25 years of experience processing difficult samples from all types of crimes. Our clients include law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, defense attorneys, innocence projects, private investigators, hospitals, and private individuals (with third-party representation).

Individual Casework services include:

Rush Services

Bode offers Rush and Rapid DNA Analysis Services to provide fast turnaround times to meet investigative needs. *Rush services include the following turnaround times:

*Rush testing is subject to availability. Rapid DNA testing may not be applicable to all sample types.

Advanced Techniques for DNA Analysis

Bode accepts all types of evidence which includes clothing, tools, weapons, cigarette butts, hair(s), unidentified remains, and more*. Improvements in DNA sampling techniques, along with increasingly sensitive testing methods, have enabled scientists to obtain results from cases that were once unsolvable from a variety of evidence. Bode has validated specialized sampling techniques for different types of evidence. All cases are evaluated individually to identify the best type of sampling method for each case. Sampling methods include:

  • Swabbing
  • Scraping
  • Tape Lifts
  • Post-it Notes (Low Tack Tape)

Bode can also process samples collected on M-Vac® filters. 

*Firearms and illicit substances are not accepted

State-of-the-Art Technologies

Bode provides different types of testing depending on the needs and case scenarios. The technologies that are currently offered include:

  • STRs (GlobalFiler™, PowerPlex® Fusion 6C, PowerPlex® Fusion, Investigator® 24plex)
  • Y-STRs
  • Mini-STRs
  • Touch DNA (scraping, tape lifts, swabbing, cutting)
  • Mitochondrial DNA analysis
  • Serology (blood, semen, saliva, and hair analysis)

Dedicated Customer Support

Bode's specialized team of qualified forensic scientists work with our clients to develop a specific testing plan for each case prior to submission and testing of evidence. Analysts will contact clients once cases are in-house to review testing plans and provide a point of contact for questions throughout the process.

The team is dedicated to assess, process, and analyze evidence from all types of cases. The team’s extensive experience ultimately helps brings closure to cases for our clients.