COVID-19 Testing


Bode Receives Certification to Provide Viral Testing for COVID-19

Service will be available to first responders beginning in June.

Bode will provide updates leading up to availability of this service. Click here to receive notification of updates or let us know of your interest.

Bode-CARES:  Testing for COVID-19

The Bode-CARES program provides fast testing in support of first responders to help ensure safer work environments in our shared mission of improving public safety.

This service will be primarily available to support law enforcement and crime laboratories to operate more safely. Through this testing, agencies will quickly know if an exposure, or potential exposure, to coronavirus has resulted in a positive COVID-19 result.

COVID-19 testing can:

  • Promote a safer work environment by identifying potential positive cases and preventing greater exposure to staff and to the public
  • Quickly identify if an individual can safely return to work by determining if they are positive for COVID-19;
  • Enable law enforcement and crime laboratories to operate and continue the mission of improving public safety.

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