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As a leading forensic DNA analysis laboratory, capable of testing more than hundreds of thousands of databanking samples and thousands of forensic cases per month from agencies around the world, Bode Technology provides a full range of DNA testing needs and maintains a staff with some of the world’s top industry experts. 

Bode Technology’s experts can provide consulting services for needs such as: laboratory design and build-out; process flow assessments to ensure maximum efficiency in the laboratory; validation of robotics to expedite DNA testing; mentoring of laboratory staff; information technology (IT) solutions for forensic DNA analysis; and assistance in gaining ISO 17025 accreditation. Bode is also one of the few companies with experience in helping government organizations create a laboratory from the ground up.

Building Design

This includes basic facility requirements such as:

  • Security and appropriate access of the evidence storage area and laboratory.
  • Air flow and laboratory design that can minimize evidence and sample contamination and proper ventilation of laboratory instruments.
  • Appropriate safety elements including the fire systems and alarms.


Consulting on options for equipment, computer systems and programs and/or the compatibility of the equipment; also, the arrival, installation and configuration of the equipment.


Bode Technology provides an assessment of the staffing requirements for qualified scientists and technicians and can determine if any additional staff members are needed for the anticipated volumes with the existing equipment and protocols.  The personnel assessment includes, but is not limited to, considering each employee’s:

  • Educational background.
  • Forensic and technical experience to determine whether the staff can adapt to technological advances that are likely to occur as the field continues to evolve.


Develop effective process flows using the latest technologies that are in line with gaining appropriate accreditation and ensuring maximum efficiency in the laboratory.

Quality System

Bode Technology provides software to manage the quality systems necessary for accreditation and to ensure the appropriate checks are in place to monitor all laboratory processes. The quality system assessment includes, but is not limited to, considering:

  • Protocols for quality control testing of critical reagents.
  • Advanced tools for handling laboratory samples, and performing quality control checks.
  • An evaluation of the quality system as it relates to obtaining and maintaining ISO 17025 accreditation.
  • Software used for maintain laboratory protocols.
  • Protocols and Processes – A process map of the current laboratory processes is generated to determine bottlenecks, identify areas of poor efficiency, and better understand the integration of the current processes used. Bode also assesses protocols for scalability to accommodate the anticipated volumes of work effectively.


Bode Technology assesses any current training programs and provides recommendations for improvement or guidance on the implementation of a training program. Bode can also provide training for recommended new procedures if necessary.  The training assessment includes, but is not limited to, considering:

  • Training in all laboratory procedures, including evidence collection, serology, and DNA processing, including analysis.
  •  Advanced training as it meets the needs of the laboratory.  This can include advanced automation training.


This entails an assessment of the current capacity, including an evaluation of instruments, personnel, validated protocols and the facility.  The capacity assessment includes, but is not limited to, considering:

  • The number of instruments to perform all necessary protocols.
  • The number of DNA analysts available to process samples.
  • The support services for the laboratory.
  • The quality and capability of the chosen laboratory information management system (LIMS)
  • The post-testing report generation

Each laboratory proposal is customized to meet the requirements specified by the customer. It involves an in-depth assessment followed by the generation of a detailed report outlining all steps in the process, bios of the Bode staff members managing and performing each step in the process, as well as a Gantt chart laying out expected timelines for the entire project.

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