CLEAR Cases: Priority DNA Testing for Current Casework


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The CLEAR Cases Initiative reduces turnaround times of current cases by creating a customized approach to priority casework.

The CLEAR cases initiative is available to laboratories managing their current casework demand and offers solutions for:

  • Surges in casework
  • Reduced turnaround requirements
  • Workforce staffing challenges, capacity limitations, out-put decrease, or DNA laboratory/operational shutdown, or other reasons as related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Priority Casework Testing

Through the CLEAR Cases Initiative, Bode processes casework with expedited turnaround times. Each case will be handled and evaluated using a customized approach to offer the best chances for successful DNA testing.

Priority Casework Testing Includes:

  • Monthly batches of all types of casework
  • Reduced Turnaround Time with Rush Options
  • Customized approach to each case 

Testing Sexual Assault Cases ASAP

In addition to the CLEAR Cases Initiative, Bode continues to offer our Accelerated Sexual Assault kit Processing service – Bode ASAP.

Bode ASAP supports crime laboratories by offering priority testing of non-backlogged sexual assault kits in as fast as 2 weeks using traditional forensic processes in a fully accredited laboratory.

  • Increase Capacity to Meet Demand
  • Prevent New Backlogs
  • Reduce Turnaround Times

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