BodeHITS Access, Database Development and Data Sharing

Bode’s Comprehensive Rapid DNA Support

Bode's Rapid DNA support program creates a complete solution for our clients from implementation, to database development and through on-going reachback support.  The program consists of:

  • RapidHIT ID Validation and Ongoing Support:  Bode provides validation services and ongoing quality checks of the client's instrument.
  • BodeHITS Access, Database Development and Data Sharing:  Access to program to develop a DNA database.  This program includes the ability to search against other in-state DNA databases.
  • Rapid DNA Reachback Support:  On-demand support from qualified forensic DNA analysts to review flagged Rapid DNA samples.

BodeHITS Access, Database Development and Data Sharing

Bode can enable database development and database sharing between multiple in-state agencies with confirmation of agreements for sharing of DNA results.  This is accomplished through the BodeHITS DNA program.  Within the BodeHITS program, participating agencies will log sample information in the web-based BodeHITS software, upload results from the RapidHIT ID™, and receive information regarding sample hits against the database.  Sample hits are provided via email, as well as within the software, and include statistical significance of the matches.

The BodeHITS program is a comprehensive DNA testing solution.  As a part of the BodeHITS program, Clients shall receive:

  • Access to BodeHITS case management software
  • On-demand access to forensic DNA analysts
  • Onsite DNA Collection Training
  • Onsite Software Training
  • 200 Bode DNA Collection Products
  • 1 Case each of Known, Presumed Known and Evidence DNA Collection envelopes
  • 500 Barcode cards (replenished 250 at a time upon consumption ant no additional charge)
  • 4 cases of Testimony Support per year
    • 1-day of testimony per case for a single analyst
    • Additional testimony to be charged separately

30-day turnaround on DNA Samples

BodeHITS users receive 30-day turnaround on evidence swabs submitted under the program.  30-day batches are initiated twice per month, so there are multiple options for sample submission.  There is no minimum volume required to receive fast turnaround and low-cost testing.  All testing performed falls under the scope of Bode’s accreditation using validated procedures.

On-demand Access to DNA Analysts

Bode is a premier ISO 17025 accredited DNA laboratory.  Analysts are available to discuss cases and approaches to testing.  Bode analysts are also available for Rapid DNA Reachback support.

Testimony Support

As a part of the BodeHITS program, Bode can provide testimony for cases where Bode has provided testing or issued a signed report.

RapidHIT ID is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific