Bode Technology’s Annual Forensic DNA Conference

The Annual Forensic DNA Conference provides training on the latest techniques and technologies to the forensic science community and gives scientists the opportunity to share experiences from their laboratories.

Forensic science leaders from will provide lectures, demonstrations, and workshops about new technologies, concepts, and challenges in the DNA identification field.  The Bode 2020 Conference will be our premier continuing education event of the year.

Registration and Logistics

All information regarding Bode's conferences including registration, hotel information, program, abstract information and sponsorships can now be found at

We are happy to announce tha pre-registration is now open for The 19th Annual Forensic DNA Conference - Bode 2020 being held at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay from April 14-17, 2020.  There will be a limited number of rooms at the prevailing per diem rate.  


Bode's Annual Forensic DNA Conference Programs

Please note that conference attendance is limited to public sector practitioners, invited guests and paying sponsors. Practitioners include individuals actively working in public forensic crime laboratories and individuals currently employed by a law enforcement agency.

If you have any questions about the Bode 2020 Annual Conference, please email