Frequently Asked Questions for Bode-CARES

Bode's Turnkey COVID-19 Service Offering

About Bode's Comprehensive Solution

How do I register for my test or view results?

Visit our secure patient portal at

Why is Bode offering this testing?

Fast COVID-19 testing can promote safer communities by identifying potential positive cases and preventing greater exposure to staff and to the public

What is Bode’s capacity for COVID-19 testing?

Bode can currently test approximately 1,000 specimens per day initially and will work to scale capacity if needed.

How quickly will results be made available?

Bode will usually report results within 1-2 days.

Who will perform the collection?

Collections will either collected by a medical professional or self-collected by a patient under the observation of a medical professional.

Can Bode arrange collections?

Yes, Bode offers a turnkey solution including medical professionals, collection materials, testing, and reporting of results. Bode can deploy a turn-key solution to our clients location and manage the entire process.

What is required for a collection site?

This will be determined based on the scope of the collection. Bode will coordinate with our clients to evaluate options and identify the ideal set-up for collection. This includes physical space, number of medical professionals, and set-up of the collection site.

Can a collection program cover multiple shifts?

Yes, Bode can coordinate collections for our clients that operate in multiple shifts.

Can Bode coordinate scheduling of collections in time blocks?

Yes, Bode uses a HIPAA compliant scheduler to set blocks of times for collections to stagger the flow of patients. The scheduling and available slots is based off of the scope of the collection effort.

How are samples/ specimen returned to Bode?

The collected samples are shipped out the same-day as they are collected on ice packs to Bode for overnight delivery. If feasible, Bode may consider courier services to get samples to the lab quicker.

Can Bode offer a program with regular testing or collections over multiple days?

Yes, Bode’s program can include testing on a schedule as needed/ determined by our clients. Bode’s program can adapt to the current (and likely changing) needs of our clients.

About COVID-19 Testing

Does Bode have the necessary certification to provide COVID-19 diagnostic testing?

Yes, Bode recently received a Certificate allowing the receipt and testing of clinical specimens pursuant to the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) standards.

What will the results of Bode-CARES testing determine?

Bode-CARES COVID-19 testing is a diagnostic test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The test will indicate whether SARS-CoV-2 virus was detected in a specimen, was not detected, or was inconclusive for detection.

How does Bode perform the testing?

RNA is extracted from clinical specimens using a commercially available kit and detected through a reverse transcription rtPCR assay on the Applied Biosystems™ 7500 HID instrument.

Who can order or request a test from Bode?

Bode-CARES testing is authorized by a medical provider prior to submission. Tests may be submitted according to company or agency policies.

Can individuals submit specimens to Bode?

No, Bode is currently only performing COVID-19 testing for agencies.

How frequently does this test need to be performed?

Frequency will be determined by the agency/ employer. Typical frequencies range from daily to bi-weekly.

What type of specimens are submitted to Bode?

Bode will test nasopharyngeal/oropharyngeal/anterior nares swabs collected on a nylon flocked swab transported in a universal transport media. Specimens must be submitted on cold packs within 48 hours of collection.

Bode staff will be tested using an anterior nares swab. This is the least invasive collection method.

About Results and Reporting

How will Bode manage testing requests and report results?

Bode will manage test requests and issue reports through secure software accessed at All personal identifying information (PII) and reports will be encrypted. The handling and security of the data is HIPAA compliant.

Will my employer or agency receive results?

Yes, a designated official (typically HR Director or Medical Liaison) will receive a copy of each Test Report.

What does it mean if I have a positive test result?

If you have a positive test result (SARS-CoV-2 was detected in your specimen), it is very likely that you have COVID-19. Your healthcare provider will work with you to determine how best to care for you based on the test results along with other factors of your medical history, your symptoms, possible exposures, and geographic location of places you have recently traveled.

If I test positive, do I have to take leave?

Policy regarding the results of your test are ultimately determined by the employer and may vary depending on the size of the organization. Individuals who have to take leave due to COVID-19 may be covered under a special category through the Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). Please contact your HR department for additional information and assistance with your leave request.

What does it mean if I have a negative test result?

If SARS-CoV-2 was not detected in your specimen, you most likely were not infected at the time your specimen was collected.

What is the risk of false positives or false negatives?

The RT-PCR assay utilized in this program is the most sensitive method of detection available. It only determines whether the individual is positive or negative for the virus on the day the test is taken. However, detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA may be affected by specimen collection methods, individual patient characteristics (e.g. stage of infection).

Are the results Bode generates reported to the federal or state governments?

Yes, Bode will report all tests and results to the Virginia Department of Health (VA DOH). The VA DOH will then report the results to the appropriate state and federal authorities for tracking.

Does Bode offer Antigen/ Antibody testing?

Not at this time.