Bode Buccal DNA Collection Systems

Bode Buccal® DNA Collection Systems

The Bode Buccal DNA Collecor is a simple, direct collection system. The devices are designed to: 

  • Simplify collections
  • Improve first pass success rates
  • Incorporate into manual or automated workflows

Bode Buccal DNA Collector

The Bode Buccal DNA Collector is a unique, one-step collection devices designed to maximize the amount of DNA collected and recovered from buccal samples. It is compatible with most chemistries, including direct amplification.

The collection device can be easily converted into storage cassettes that are compatible with automated punching systems.


Bode Buccal DNA Collector

Simple Collection offers Significant Advantages to the Laboratory

Bode processes field-collected reference samples from agencies all over the United States.  In comparing first-pass success rates, there is a significant improvement seen on samples collected using the Bode Buccal DNA Collector compared to treated card devices. 

Comparison of First Pass Success Rates of Field-Collected Samples Processed at Bode Over a 12-Month Period for DNA Databasing Contract Work**

Sample Substrate Samples Tested First-Pass Rate
Bode Buccal DNA Collectors 30,166 90.89%
Saliva-Stained Treated Cards 12,958 78.34%

Benefits of a high first-pass success rate:

  • Increased analyst efficiency: Decreases time from sample receipt to CODIS upload
  • Decreased costs: Reduces costly re-processing and re-collection
  • Optimized workflows: Enables handling of unexpected surges in submissions

Buccal DNA Collection Kits:

Bode offers standard and custom DNA collection kits to easily handle sample collection, packaging, and delivery to the laboratory. 

The standard Buccal DNA Collection Kit includes:

  • (1) Bode Buccal DNA Collector
  • (1) DNA Transport Pouch with Desiccant
  • (1) Pair of Vinyl Gloves
  • (1) 3” Integrity Seal (Evidence Tape)
  • (1) Fingerprint Ink Strip
  • (1) Ink Removal Towelete

Bode offers fully-customized collection kits specific to an agency's needs.  Contact us to request additional information.

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*Patent pending

**Data sourced from study performed at Bode 

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Bode Buccal DNA FAQ

Bode Buccal DNA Collector

The Bode Buccal DNA Collector is supported by all major manufacturers’ (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Promega, and QIAGEN) direct amplification kits. Bode Cellmark’s technical services team can provide recommended protocols and cycle numbers to achieve a high first-pass success rate.

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Yes. The Buccal DNA Collector has been treated with an electron beam, making it safe for use in your mouth.

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The Bode Buccal DNA Collector is a direct collection system. The sample processed in the laboratory is the same sample that was collected from the individual’s mouth. As a direct collection system, it does not require the transfer step that is necessary when using treated cards.

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Bode’s Buccal DNA Collector and SecurSwab product lines are ISO18385: 2016 accredited and are manufactured in our ISO 9001:2015 certified production facility.

Bode has achieved ISO 18385:2016 certification for the Buccal DNA Collector and SecurSwab product lines. ISO18385:2016 confirms that Bode’s products meet the standards for the forensic market which enable these products to carry the label ISO18385 Forensic DNA Grade.


BSI Assurance MarkBode’s Production Facility in Lenexa, KS is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Bode manufactures collection products and collection kits within the facility. Through its ISO 9001:2015 certification, Bode demonstrates its ability to consistently provide products that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Bode also aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.