Backlog Reduction

Bode Technology has more than 20 years of demonstrated high throughput and backlog reduction capabilities for forensic casework DNA analysis. 

Clearing the Backlog

Untested sexual assault kits exist around the country,1 contributing to a national arrest rate of less than 20% on rape crimes2,3 and less than a 40% clearance rate.Bode Technology has processed more than 100,000 sexual assault kits and regularly works with crime labs, law enforcement agencies, and prosecutors’ offices to help clear sexual assault kit backlogs and help bring justice for the victims.

Our extensive experience providing DNA analysis has allowed us to develop optimized approaches to testing these cases more efficiently and effectively.

Optimized Approach

Bode has a validated, proven approach that can process Sexual Assault (Rape) Kits using high throughput techniques.  The results have shown huge successes for both communities and the victims of these crimes.  Compared to conventional procedures Bode’s approach has resulted in:

  • More Male DNA profiles generated

  • More NDIS uploadable profiles

  • Reduced turnaround times

  • Low-level male contributors detected

Streamlined Laboratory and More Results

Streamlining processing allows for rapid expansion of capacity through automation, and increases the results by utilizing the best sampling for DNA analysis and employing a different step in the process to perform case assessments.  Bode improves turnaround by reducing time spent on negative cases.  Bode's methods have also led to the development of cleaner results for positive cases, reducing analyst reporting and technical review time.  Our approach also enables the detection of DNA from vasectomized males – by not limiting male DNA detection to semen samples.

The overall process results in more cases where male DNA profiles are generated.

DNA Casework Programs

Please contact our Technical Services team by email at or phone at +1-703-646-9740 to learn more about our DNA testing programs and how Bode can support your agency.

For specific details on how to submit a case, please click here


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