About Bode FGS

Bode Forensic Genealogy Service (FGS)

Increase Investigative Leads to Solve Violent Crimes

Bode Technology’s Forensic Genealogy Service (FGS) combines DNA analysis with traditional genealogy and familial research to deliver investigative leads in trying to solve or support cases.

More Investigative Leads

Bode’s FGS team will utilize DNA matches to identify individuals that may be related to an unknown sample.  From there, the genealogy team will utilize available records and case information to identify relatives to the sample (and in some cases the actual identity of the sample itself).

Investigators will have direct access to Bode scientists and genealogists to further the investigation and identify likely leads.  As genealogists hone in on individuals, investigators can follow leads and assist in identification of specific names.

Violent Crimes and Unidentified Remains

Bode can provide forensic genealogy services to law enforcement for violent crimes against individuals (rapes or homicides) or for identifying human remains of deceased individuals



High Quality Program

Bode FGS is designed to ensure a high level of quality at all stages of the process.

  • Accredited Quantification and Extractions
  • CAP/CLIA Accredited SNP Testing
  • Large Pool of Samples in Multiple Databases
  • Board Certified and Experienced Genealogists
  • Expedited Confirmation Samples in our Accredited Lab
  • Ongoing Monitoring if there are No Initial Links or Leads


Bode FGS - Case Submission

Contact Bode if you would like to discuss submitting a case. Bode's Technical Services team can help answer any questions that you have on your case.  

Email: Bode.service@bodetech.com
Phone: (703) 646-9740

To submit a case, complete the Case Submission Form.

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