Forensic Investigative Services

Forensic Investigative Services

Streamline Criminal Investigations, Generate Actionable Leads

Bode and LexisNexis® Risk Solutions have partnered to provide the Forensic Investigative Services to our clients.

Caseload Management Improvement

Location research can take hours on an individual case. Agencies who have a significant caseload resulting from CODIS hits, or for those receiving monthly batches can significantly reduce their administrative burden through the Forensic Investigative Services offering:

  • Manage caseloads and reduce research time
  • Prioritize offenders to maximize investigative resources
  • Initiate contact with consensual partners, witnesses, and cold case victims
  • Prioritize and locate offenders for DNA collection

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Forensic Investigative Services - Streamline Investigations, Generate Actionable Leads

Presenters: Samantha Gwinn leads the Public Safety Product Strategy for LexisNexis Risk Solutions and Andrew Singer, Vice President of Operations Sales and Global Marketing for Bode

Forensic Investigative Services

Sexual Assault Kit CODIS Hit Management

Backlogs of sexual assault kits across the country are being cleared and the results are generating new investigative leads for law enforcement. As caseloads increase, so does the administrative burden of researching cases.

Through this service, we can provide investigative location services for clients working to manage significant caseloads resulting from DNA backlogs being cleared in an effort to reduce the workload and streamline investigations.

Lawfully Owed DNA Samples

Lawfully owed DNA is defined as DNA samples from qualifying offenders who should have their samples in CODIS based on the type and time of the office related to applicable state law. Across the country, it has been discovered hundreds of thousands of samples that should be in CODIS are not. Agencies are working to identify these offenders and collect samples to ensure their DNA profiles are entered into CODIS.

Forensic Investigative Services allow bulk research of the location of these individuals through public records access.

Solve Violent Crimes Efficiently

Testing DNA backlogs is a major step in closing thousands of cases. However, as results are returned to law enforcement, investigators quickly become burdened with large caseloads. Using Forensic Investigative Services agencies provide minimal individual information to leverage millions of public records to locate:

  • Survivors
  • Consensual partners
  • Witnesses
  • Suspects

Support County-wide or State-wide Efforts

Forensic Investigative Services are available to active Accurint® LE and/or AVCC account users who are properly credentialed to access public records for investigative/government purposes.

Additionally, agencies working on county-wide or state- wide efforts can utilize this service to support local law enforcement by maintaining an active list of the identities, batch outcomes, and current status in a central location that could be accessed by all participating agencies.

Results Returned in Approximately 2 weeks

This service enables thousands of individuals to be researched at one time. The tiered batch data package provides information crucial to locating people and prioritizing investigations. This includes:

  • Current best-known address/phone number
  • Deceased information (date, location)
  • Incarceration status and criminal records
  • Recent and historical jail booking records

Additionally, email addresses can be queried, and jail booking alerts can be set up on select individuals, as needed.

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