DNA from Spent Shell Casings

NEW:  Bode X-traction™ Technology: DNA from Spent Shell Casings

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Bode Technology introduces a NEW proprietary, advanced DNA extraction from spent shell casings and rootless hairs. Kristen Naughton will present about how Bode's solution can be applied to sampling methods and how using Bode X-traction we may now be able to obtain ~10 X more DNA from the thousands of shell casings and obtain useable nuclear DNA profiles from challenging cases containing as little as a single hair.

Presenter:  Kristen Naughton, Director of Validation and Training, Bode Technology

DNA from Spent Shell Casings

Bode Technology introduces a NEW proprietary, advanced DNA extraction process that can be applied to spent shell casings.

Use Bode X-traction™ technology to solve gun crimes.

ATF Sampling + Bode X-traction = Better profile results with ~10X More DNA

Shell casings are first processed using a rinse and swab method developed by the ATF1.

Bode X-traction is then applied to obtain useable DNA profiles from these types of challenging cases where samples may be severely degraded.


Image credit ATF1

Solve More Gun Crimes

More than 400,0002 gun crimes occur in the United States annually.

Many of these are crimes where the only evidence left behind are spent shell casings that may provide valuable DNA evidence.

Using Bode X-traction technology we may now be able to obtain DNA from the thousands of casings left behind in current and cold cases.




Combine with Advanced DNA Testing Methods

Bode X-traction can generate clean, single-source profiles compared to other testing methods as shown in the image to the right.  This enables the application of Bode X-traction to be utilized on advanced DNA technologies to help drive investigations. Bode X-traction on shell casings can be complemented by:



Combine with Additional Bode Testing Services

Bode X-traction can be utilized with other Bode services. This includes:

1Todd W. Bille*, Glenn Fahrig, Steven M. Weitz, Greg A. Peiffer. An improved process for the collection and DNA analysis of fired cartridge cases. Forensic Science International: Genetics, 46 (2020 102238. United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, National Laboratory Center).

2Gun Crimes in America (2019, NIJ).

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