DNA from Rootless Hairs

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Bode X-traction Technology: DNA from Rootless Hairs and Shell Casings Technical Introduction

Presenter: Kristen Naughton, Director of Validation and Training, Bode Technology

Join us for an on-demand presentation about the new Bode X-traction technology and how it has been applied to obtain DNA from spent shell casings and rootless hairs.

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DNA from Rootless Hairs

Bode Technology introduces a NEW proprietary, advanced DNA extraction process that can be applied to rootless hair shafts.

Use Bode X-traction™ to solve your rootless hair cases.

Bode X-traction - Detect Nuclear DNA from a Single, Rootless Hair

DNA from rootless hairs may be fragmented or severely degraded. Bode X-traction technology can be used to obtain useable DNA profiles from challenging cases containing as little as a single hair.

Bode X-traction is a proprietary technique for DNA recovery that can be used to obtain CODIS eligible profiles from nuclear DNA recovered from rootless hair shafts.



Solve More Cold Cases

There are more than 250,000 cold cases in the United States.

That number grows by an estimated 6,000 cases annually. Many of these are crimes where the only evidence left behind are rootless hairs that may provide valuable DNA evidence.

Using Bode X-traction technology we may now be able to obtain DNA from the thousands of hairs left behind in current and cold cases.



Combine with Advanced DNA Testing Methods

Bode X-traction can generate clean, single-source profiles. The image to the right shows DNA recovery from a single, rootless hair utilizing Bode X-traction and amplified using MiniFiler.

Additionally, Bode X-traction can be used in combination with advanced DNA technologies to help drive investigations. Bode X-traction on rootless hairs can be complemented by:


Combine with Additional Bode Testing Services

Bode X-traction can be utilized with other Bode services. This includes:

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