Forensic Genealogy Service

Bode Forensic Genealogy Service (FGS) Success Stories

Bode FGS was used in recent cases to help identify new investigative leads from cold cases going back as far as 1970 and also identified an unknown victim from remains dating back to 1881.

Bode has provided investigative support, including helping in the identification of the perpetrator of the 1974 rape and murder of a 5-year-old (Missoula County, Montana), the arrest of an accused serial rapist (Connecticut), the identification of Baby Michael (Cumberland County, NC), the identification of a suspect in a 50 year old rape and murder case (Colorado), the identification of Baby "Faith" (Colorado) leading to the arrest of her mother from the 1996 homicide and the identification of the suspect in a decades-old cold case homicide (Portland, OR).

Bode has processed more than 100 cases for forensic genealogy. These cases have provided new investigative leads in cases that had gone cold. Bode works closely with investigators, crime laboratories and attorneys to determine the best approach for testing and investigating cases.  Contact us to learn more or discuss your case.

Bode Forensic Genealogy Service (FGS)

Forensic Genealogy utilizes traditional genealogy research with advanced DNA testing to help identify potential links to unknown profiles.Traditional genealogy traces lineages throughout history to develop family trees and demonstrate relationships between individuals. Forensic genealogy incorporates those practices and DNA  analysis to enable researchers to develop those same relationships from an unknown sample.

The ability to solve a case begins with identifying the best cases and samples suitable for testing.  Bode offers a Free FGS Assessment/ Case Review to our clients.  

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About Bode Forensic Genealogy Service

Develop more investigative leads from violent crimes.  DNA is a valuable tool in supporting investigations, but not all cases processed result in a match in traditional databases.

Utilizing forensic genealogy can provide investigators with new investigative leads for these unmatched cases.  By establishing ancestral roots to an unknown profile, Bode’s Forensic Genealogy team can work to help identify relatives and sometimes the identity of the sample itself for our clients.

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The Bode Difference

Bode has developed a forensic genealogy program designed to ensure the highest level of quality at all stages of the process.

Bode’s team of experts have a proven track record of successes while maintaining a high level of quality in the testing and investigative processes.  Working with Bode offers our clients the following advantages:

  • Case and Feasibility Review
  • Simplified Submission Process
  • Sample Quality Verification and Troubleshooting
  • DNA Extractions at an ISO Accredited Lab
  • Microarray Testing or Genome Sequencing based on Sample Quality
  • Multiple DNA Databases
  • Board Certified/ experienced Genealogy Team
  • Advanced Surname Search Services
  • Ongoing monitoring of submitted samples
  • Confirmation Testing

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How it Works

Bode has developed a high-quality, turn-key solution for our clients wishing to use this service. Bode will help clients from submission through the investigation and ultimately confirmation testing.

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Case Submission

Case submission starts with a review of the case and the evidence.  Bode's team of forensic experts will review your case file and provide an evaluation of the suitability of the sample prior to testing.

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Continued Cold Case Success Leads to Expansion of Bode’s Forensic Genealogy Team

Private DNA laboratory provides critical investigative cold case leads

LORTON, VA. (PRWEB) JUNE 11, 2020: Bode Technology (Bode), a leading provider of forensic DNA services, announces a significant expansion of its forensic genealogy team. Bode’s Forensic Genealogy Service (FGS) continues to deliver investigative leads to law enforcement and attorneys through proven forensic genealogy and DNA analysis methods. The team has added experienced genealogists, each having over a decade of field experience with specific areas of expertise. This expansion is another sign of the repeated impact forensic genealogy is having by enhancing public safety, exonerating the innocent, and bringing justice for victims and their families.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions and Bode Technology Collaborate to Accelerate DNA-based Investigations with Hard to Find Data

Industry leaders in Investigative Intelligence and Forensic DNA Analysis Join Forces to Provide Law Enforcement Agencies with Leads to Help Solve Cases Faster

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