Rapid DNA Services

Rapid DNA Analysis

Rapid DNA describes the fully automated (hands free) process of developing a DNA profile swab without human intervention. It's a very powerful technology when properly implemented.  Rapid DNA testing and Expedited Lab Testing can deliver:

Rapid DNA Testing

Fast, Sensitive and Reliable Results

Rapid DNA Technology, when properly deployed and supported, can deliver fast and reliable results.  Rapid DNA has been proven to be reliable and accurate when supported by validation studies from scientists. 

When Rapid DNA is deployed, with the support of an accredited laboratory, there is the opportunity for increased success.  This includes:

  • Interpretation of reports
  • Developing statistical comparisons
  • Performing Modified Rapid DNA Analysis (rapid DNA analysis with human interpretation and technical review)
  • Expedited support to investigators

Investigation Support: Confirmation of Claims and Quick Answers

When the technology is used within the scope of a validation, Rapid DNA can have a significant impact.  This includes:

  • Expedited results of investigations
  • Confirmation of individual identity or relationships
  • Identification of investigative support or leads for law enforcement
  • Exoneration of suspects from criminal investigations

Rapid DNA in Intelligence: Deployed for Critical Screening

Rapid DNA analysis can be utilized as a biometric application for identity resolution of individuals at critical

screening points. In scenarios where an individual is temporary detained at a screening station or short-term

holding, biological identifiers can be used to verify identity of the individual or relationships of that individual to others.

Proven Experience

Bode Technology has more experience in processing forensic DNA evidence than any other private laboratory

in the United States, having delivered over 2 million offender DNA profiles, completion of DNA analysis on over 150,000 cases, and testing of more than 30,000 human remains.

Bode’s scientists have been leaders in the use of the latest technologies such as STR, Y-STR, mtDNA and other technologies.

Rapid DNA Services

Bode Technology offers Rapid DNA Testing Services and implementation support for Rapid DNA programs.

Rapid DNA Testing – Same Day Results

Bode  has implemented the IntegenX® RapidHIT® ID system for laboratory operations. The RapidHIT ID uses cutting edge technology to generate DNA profiles in <90 minutes for single-source reference samples. Through this service, Bode offers:

  • Same day comparisons, including statistical analysis, of single-source samples to other forensic samples
  • Rush turnaround on confirmation testing for CODIS hits

Rapid Integration with Local Databases for Law Enforcement

Bode allows for easy upload of profiles generated by the ANDE® and IntegenX rapid DNA instruments into the BodeHITS™ local DNA database program

BodeHITS Users – Upload and Search Instantly

BodeHITS users can instantly search rapid results against their database.  Results from the DNA database search can be returned in seconds, with precise and /or possible matches.

Rapid DNA Users – Utilize BodeHITS to Build your Database

Rapid DNA users can utilize Bode Technology's accredited laboratory to help develop a database through the BodeHITS program. 

Bode Technology offers:

  • High-volume sample analysis to quickly build a database
  • Laboratory processing of challenging limited quantity evidentiary samples
  • Laboratory analysis of samples containing mixtures
  • Modified Rapid DNA analysis on data generated by Rapid DNA instruments
  • DNA Database management and statistical analysis

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