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Bode 2022- Forensic DNA Conference
Forensic Investigative Services
DNA from Spent Shell Casings
Sexual Assault Kit Testing
Bode 2022 - Forensic DNA Conference

Solving cases is critical to public safety and offers answers to victims of crimes.

The faster we can solve cases, the better opportunity we have to prevent crime – and Prevent Tomorrow’s Victim.


Join Us April 5-8, 2022 - Tampa, FL

NEW: Forensic Investigative Services

Bode has partnered with LexisNexis Risk Solutions to

Streamline Criminal Investigations and Generate Actionable Leads 

    - Sexual Assault CODIS Hit Management

    - Lawfully Owed DNA Samples

NEW: DNA from Spent Shell Casings

Bode X-tractionTM Technology - Enhanced DNA recovery from shell casings


New proprietary extraction method to obtain useable profiles from fragmented or degraded DNA.

Sexual Assault Kit Testing

Bode provides DNA testing on current and backlogged cases.  

Bode's Accelerated Sexual Assault kit Processing (ASAP) service offers turnaround times in as fast as 2 weeks on non-backlogged cases.


We can help you with criminal cases, forensic parentage and relationship testing, backlog reduction, CODIS databasing, specimen matching, and expert testimony and consulting.


Cold Case Success:  Baltimore County Police solve 40 year old cold case homicide and rape of teen Heather Porter through Forensic Genealogy Services from Bode.

Cold Case Investigation:  The Porchlight Project will fund testing and genetic genealogy to identify Erie County Jane Doe.  Bode to work with The Porchlight Project and the Sandusky Police Department on their efforts to make an ID in a 40-year-old missing persons case. Our scientists will use advanced techniques in the lab and hopefully our genealogists will have an opportunity to provide leads.

Cold Case Success:  Human remains found in Carson City belonged to missing man Christopher Cash.  Missing since 2013, Bode was able to match the DNA from Mr. Cash's bones to his sibling's to confirm his identity.

Cold Case Success:  SAKI grant used for forensic genealogy testing of 35 year old cold case homicide. We are honored to have had the opportunity to assist Bedford TX Police and TXDPS in their investigation. 

Registration is Open and Keynote Speaker Announced for Bode 2022 - 21st Annual Forensic DNA Conference.  April 5-8, 2022 in Tampa, FL.  Click Here for More Information and to Register.

Cold Case Success:  Congratulations to the Cascade County Sheriff's Office, MT on solving possibly the oldest cold case using forensic genealogy in the US. Bode is proud to have helped with Forensic Genealogy and Advanced DNA Testing on this 65 year old double homicide and rape.

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