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Bode 2021- Forensic DNA Conference
Forensic Investigative Services
DNA from Spent Shell Casings
Sexual Assault Kit Testing
Bode 2021- Forensic DNA Conference

Solving cases is critical to public safety and offers answers to victims of crimes.

The faster we can solve cases, the better opportunity we have to prevent crime – and Prevent Tomorrow’s Victim.


Join Us October 19-22 - Denver, CO

NEW: Forensic Investigative Services

Bode has partnered with LexisNexis Risk Solutions to

Streamline Criminal Investigations and Generate Actionable Leads 

    - Sexual Assault CODIS Hit Management

    - Lawfully Owed DNA Samples

NEW: DNA from Spent Shell Casings

Bode X-tractionTM Technology - Enhanced DNA recovery from shell casings


New proprietary extraction method to obtain useable profiles from fragmented or degraded DNA.

Sexual Assault Kit Testing

Bode provides DNA testing on current and backlogged cases.  

Bode's Accelerated Sexual Assault kit Processing (ASAP) service offers turnaround times in as fast as 2 weeks on non-backlogged cases.


We can help you with criminal cases, forensic parentage and relationship testing, backlog reduction, CODIS databasing, specimen matching, and expert testimony and consulting.


Cold Case Success:  SAKI grant used for forensic genealogy testing of 35 year old cold case homicide. We are honored to have had the opportunity to assist Bedford TX Police and TXDPS in their investigation. 

Registration is Open and Keynote Speaker Announced for Bode 2022 - 21st Annual Forensic DNA Conference.  April 5-8, 2022 in Tampa, FL.  Click Here for More Information and to Register.

Bode Technology and the Baltimore Police Department Partner to Identify Unknown Remains Across the United States. Family Members can use DNA to Search for Missing Loved Ones in National Database.  Click Here for Press Release

Sexual Assault Evidence Kit (SAEK) Backlog Webinar Series Starting July 14, 2021 - This 4-part webinar series, presented jointly by Promega and Bode Technology, addresses legislative issues and workflow efficiencies for SAEK processing in the US. The expert speakers will answer audience questions in a live session after the main presentation.  Click to Register.

Cold Case Success:  Congratulations to the Cascade County Sheriff's Office, MT on solving possibly the oldest cold case using forensic genealogy in the US. Bode is proud to have helped with Forensic Genealogy and Advanced DNA Testing on this 65 year old double homicide and rape.

Bode Technology and Gene By Gene Receive New York State Department of Health Approval to Perform Forensic Genetic Genealogy.  Combined solutions from both companies will enable law enforcement to solve cold cases.  Click for press release.

RTI awarded NamUs Missing Persons Contract - Bode named as a partner. Click for story

Cold Case Successes using Bode Forensic Genealogy Service (FGS):  Bode FGS was used to help identify new investigative leads from cold cases going back as far as 1881. Many other cases have been solved using Bode FGS that have yet to be made public. Click for Bode FGS success stories.

Bode Technology Announces Partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks to Scale COVID Response through Pooled Testing in K-12 Schools.  Bode has partnered with Concentric by Ginkgo to support America’s K-12 schools by offering 24-hour, low-cost routine COVID-19 testing of students in the Virginia, DC and Maryland areas.  Click for press release.

Bode Technology Announces New DNA Technical Leader, Kristin Sasinouski. Largest private forensic DNA laboratory in the United States strengthens focus on quality and advancing forensic DNA testing technologies.Bode Technology Announces Collaboration with Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions to Enhance Forensic Genealogy Service.  Click for press release.

Check out Bode's extensive on demand webinars here.  

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