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Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Bode 2021- Virtual Forensic DNA Conference
Forensic Genealogy - Cases Closed
Sexual Assault Kit Testing
Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Bode is honored to bring justice to survivors and prevent future crimes through advanced sexual assault kit and genetic genealogy testing. 

Attend any of our webinars on SAK policy, tracking and testing in April to be eligible for a free registration to Bode’s Virtual Conference.

# PreventTomorrowsVictim

Bode 2021- Virtual Forensic DNA Conference

Solving cases is critical to public safety and offers answers to victims of crimes.

The faster we can solve cases, the better opportunity we have to prevent crime – and Prevent Tomorrow’s Victim.


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Forensic Genealogy - Cases Closed

Bode's team has processed more than 100 cases for genealogy and has helped solve cold cases throughout the country.

Photo credit: OCSO

Sexual Assault Kit Testing

Bode provides DNA testing on current and backlogged cases.  

Bode's Accelerated Sexual Assault kit Processing (ASAP) service offers turnaround times in as fast as 2 weeks on non-backlogged cases.


We can help you with criminal cases, forensic parentage and relationship testing, backlog reduction, CODIS databasing, specimen matching, and expert testimony and consulting.


Press Release - 4/1/2021 - Bode Technology Announces Partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks to Scale COVID Response through Pooled Testing in K-12 Schools.  Bode has partnered with Concentric by Ginkgo to support America’s K-12 schools by offering 24-hour, low-cost routine COVID-19 testing of students in the Virginia, DC and Maryland areas.

Bode supports the identification of Lisa Todd by the Bensalem Township Police Department through the use of Forensic Genealogy.  The identity of the “Publicker Girl", as she was known, remained an open investigation for Bensalem as their oldest unidentified persons case since 1988.  Click for story.

Bode Technology is proud to be the first private laboratory to implement the Organization of Scientific Area Committees for Forensic Science Registry Standards to ensure best practices and quality of services to our customers. The OSAC Program, administered by NIST, issued an Implementor Certificate to Bode in September 2020.  Click here for the OSAC newsletter.

Press Release - 1/26/2021:  Bode Technology Announces New DNA Technical Leader, Kristin Sasinouski.  Largest private forensic DNA laboratory in the United States strengthens focus on quality and advancing forensic DNA testing technologies.

Bode assisted the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office and the Layton City Police Department with forensic genetic genealogy testing that led to the identification of the perpetrator of two cold case sexual battery cases from 1986 and 1996.  Click for story.

The remains of Donna Kay Griffin were discovered in Bushkill Township in 1987.  Investigators were able to identify Griffin with help from Bode Technology, which provided forensic genealogical DNA analysis and assisted the FBI in finding her next of kin, Griffin's child.  Click for story.

Bode Technology was asked to join Missoula County Sheriff's Office Cold Case Squad to help identify the perpetrator of the 1974 rape and murder of 5-year-old Siobhan McGuinness.  Forensic Genealogy testing identified Richard Davis.  Questions remain if there are more of his victims.  Click for story.

Through the use of Forensic Genealogy and work with the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office (NC), Bode was able to help provide the identification on unknown remains of Baby "Michael". Baby Michael's remains were found in 1999 and the case has been considered a homicide.  The identification of the remains provided the Sheriff's Office with an investigative lead that identified the mother.  Click for story.

 Bode supported the Boulder County Police Department and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation in the 1970 case involving the rape and killing of Betty Lee Jones, a 23-year-old mother of two. Through partnerships with the law enforcement agencies and the FBI's Genetic Genealogy Task force, an investigative lead was developed to identify a suspect in the case.  Click for story.

Bode partnered with the Portland Police Bureau once they re-opened a cold case on the 1999 homicide of Mark Dribin. Bode helped to identify a suspect in the case, leading ot the arrest of Christopher Lovrien by the US Marshalls. 

Click for story.

After partnering with the state crime lab in Connecticut to clear a backlog of rape kits, Bode and the lab continued the partnership to apply forensic genealogy to several serial rape cases uncovered during the testing. One of those cases led the Vernon Police Department to arrest of an individual identified as a suspect in four rapes. This effort was funded through the BJA SAKI program, which has been critical in clearing sexual assault cases throughout the country. 

Click for story.

The identification of Baby "Faith" in Colorado led to the arrest of her mother from the 1996 homicide.  Click for story.

Press Release - Bode Technology Announces Comprehensive COVID-19 Testing Program.  The new Bode-CARES Program offers a comprehensive, turn-key COVID-19 testing solution, from documentation and collection through testing and reporting.

HFSC Press Release - New Bode-CARES COVID -19 testing program to begin July 6, 2020 at The Houston Forensic Science Center to more quickly receive results in our combined mission of improving public safety.

Press Release:  Continued Cold Case Success Leads to Expansion of Bode's Forensic Genealogy Team

Bode will provide Forensic Genealogy Services for New London Police Department and the Porchlight Project.

Click here for the press release

Bode Technology Announces Collaboration with Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions to Enhance Forensic Genealogy Service

Click here for the press release

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