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DNA●VIEW – DNA Statistics Calculations

DNA●VIEW – Mixture Solution and Mixture Explorer Modules Announced

Bode is a worldwide distributor of DNA●VIEW™, software for DNA mixture analysis, kinship and DNA identification created and supported by Dr. Charles Brenner.

DNA●VIEW is the “gold standard” in determining and calculating the numerical strength of DNA evidence for the large variety of forensic problems that are important for a DNA identification laboratory. Originally developed in 1988, DNA-VIEW has been installed in more than 150 labs in 40 countries.

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DNA●VIEW performs statistical analyses and DNA comparisons including:

  • Simple stains (crime scene DNA profile matches suspect)
  • Mixed stains (crime scene DNA profile includes suspect)
  • Kinship (paternity, body identification, immigration and other applications) using DNA profiles consisting of STR, SNP etc. data, autosomal and/or Y chromosomal

DNA●VIEW – Drive Identifications Through DNA

Calculations can help drive identifications in many cases.

  • Mixture statistics – mixed and simple stain matching calculation
  • Kinship – identification from relatives
  • Missing body identifications (also inheritance, incest, etc.)
  • Mass identification or offender database searching
  • Paternity
  • Racial attribution

DNA●VIEW is a powerful tool that drives the complicated statistics while still providing easy data import (directly from ABI GeneMapper®/Genotyper®) and import of population data and analysis tools.

Perform complex calculations on simple or complex stains and mixtures.  DNA●VIEW will provide results using Likelihood Ratios or Exclusion calculations.

KinshipDNA●VIEW’s calculations can identify:

  • Paternity
  • Maternity
  • Siblings
  • Grand parents
  • Uncles/ Aunts


A part of DNA•VIEW called the Symbolic Kinship Program analyzes problems of relatedness based on genetic data, for a rather general class of problems of which the ordinary paternity trio problem is the prototype. Examples include:

  • Motherless case:  Is this man the father of this child, based on genetic types from just the two of them?
  • Incest case: Do the genetic types indicate that two people are doubly related?
  • Sibling problems: Are two given people full siblings? half-siblings? unrelated?
  • Inheritance problem: Are two people related as claimed?
  • Twin problem: Are two siblings (whose parents may not be tested) identical twins?
  • Corpse identification: Is this corpse the same person who was reported missing by some family?

Mass Disaster IdentificationDNA●VIEW has been used as a tool in unidentified persons identification worldwide.

  • World Trade Center identifications
  • Mass victim ID screening (search for possible IDs) was added DNA●VIEW
  • Complements Kinship (prove ID)
  • DNA●VIEW was the principal analytical tool in making over 500 kinship IDs
  • Also used for identifying
  • Former Yugoslavia war victims (ICMP)
  • Hurricane Katrina & Tsunami deaths
  • Desaparcitos & civil war victims in Argentina, Guatemala, Colombia.
  • Civil war adoptees from El Salvador
  • Japanese war dead from WWII
  • Kuwaitis from Iraqi invasion, US & foreign military


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