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Solutions For Law Enforcement Agencies


BodeHITS – Local DNA Database and Cost-Effective DNA Analysis

Rapid DNA Service – Sample to DNA profile in Less than 90 minutes

Same-Day DNA Service

Possession ID – Establish Possession of Guns & Narcotics Via Touch DNA

Collection Systems

Forensic DNA Services


Forensic DNA Crime Lab Development – Offering expertise from design through operation of an accredited DNA lab


Bode Technology has worked with law enforcement agencies throughout the world to provide DNA analysis services and collection products that enable the agencies to more effectively collect and process DNA and forensic evidence. We have sold more than 5 million DNA collection products globally and are continuing to expand.


BodeHITS – Local DNA Database and Cost-Effective DNA Analysis

BodeHITS enables law enforcement agencies use DNA to help solve property crimes and other high-volume crimes, which are generally committed by repeat criminal offenders.

Introducing: BodeHITS-Rapid DNA™combines Bode’s local DNA database capability with our unique Rapid DNA Analysis Service.  This program will allow Police Departments to use technologies to solve crime in ways they never have seen before.

Bensalem Township Police Department Launches BodeHITS – Rapid DNA Pilot Program!

Possession ID – Establish Possession of Guns and Narcotics Via “Touch DNA”

Bode Technology guarantees fast turnaround time of DNA analysis for your cases to provide positive identification and to aid in prosecution and conviction.

  • Firearms
  • Narcotics Bags/Wrappers
  • Other Weapons

Collection Products for Law Enforcement Agencies

Based on feedback from the Law Enforcement community, Bode Technology has developed innovative evidence collection systems which integrate the collection, labeling, protection, preservation, transportation, processing and storage of DNA evidence.

SecurSwab Line

Buccal DNA Collector Line

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Forensic Solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies

DNA Identification

DNA Technologies

Rapid DNA Service™ -Sample to DNA Profile in Less than 90 minutes

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Training for Law Enforcement Agencies

Training for Law Enforcement Agencies

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