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Bode ASAP – Accelerated Sexual Assault Kit Processing


DNA Results on Sexual Assault Exam Kits in 10 Days

Bode’s Accelerated Sexual Assault Kit Processing (Bode ASAP) will provide screening results in 10 days and DNA profiles within 15 days.

Bode ASAP will benefit all parties in the investigation:

Law Enforcement Agencies            

  • Screen samples and use DNA in active investigation
  • Results in 10 days will help stop serial criminals


Crime Labs  

  • CODIS uploadable profiles in as few as 15 days will
  • Prevent backlogs
  • Support active investigations

Streamlined and Ongoing Processing

The program is ideal for routine submissions.  Using Bode’s proprietary ASAP™ screening method and a “Direct-to-DNA” approach, investigators and crime labs can:

  • Routinely submit cases through this service
  • Have preliminary results of a batch of kits in 10 days
  • Complete court-ready report in as few as 3 total weeks.  

Bode ASAP offers the fastest turnaround times for processing on-going sexual assault kit submissions in the industry. 

Accelerated Sexual Assault Kit Processing (ASAP) Service in Officer.Com

Why Is This Important?

  • Sexual assault occurs every 2 minutes in the United States
  • Only 24% of rapes result in arrest
  • More than 40% of rapists released from prison are arrested in less than 3 years


DNA Remains the Gold Standard in Forensic Identifications


Bode is the Proven Leader

  • Processed more than 20,000 sexual assault kits
  • Completed DNA analysis on 80,000+ forensic cases
  • Delivered more than 1.5 million reference profiles
  • Performed DNA analysis on more than 30,000 unidentified human remains


ISHI 2014 Presentation

Selective Degradation Using DNase in Differential Extractions


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