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DNA Identification


Bode Technology is a full service laboratory providing DNA analysis, expert witness testimony, consulting & training, validation support, research & development, DNA collection products, and IT solutions. Bode has worked with local, state, and government agencies around the world to provide these services resulting in the processing of over 80,000 forensic cases and over 1.3 million offender samples. Bode can routinely process more than 25,000 databanking samples and 1,000 forensic cases per month and understands how to create surge capacity to help clients.

We currently employ over 85 analysts, scientists, and technicians who develop and utilize state-of-the-art technology to achieve our mission of being the most trusted provider of forensic analysis in the world. At Bode, we continue to offer innovative solutions such as BodeDirect Outsourcing, Same-Day DNA Service, and 90 minute or less Rapid DNA Service. We are leaders in the use of touch DNA analysis methods, backlog reduction strategies, serology/screening techniques, and STR, Y-STR, miniSTR, and mtDNA testing. Bode also provides reach-back/ remote laboratory support and services for off-site forensic operations.

Bode teams have been active in missing persons and mass disaster identification projects worldwide, working with government and non-government organizations to assist in identifying victims of war, terrorism, and disasters. These conflicts often lead in trying to obtain definitive information from challenging and degraded samples which we have developed optimized techniques to overcome. Optimized procedures for dealing with degraded and environmentally challenged samples also make us the ideal resource for solving cold cases.

Partial List of Applications

Property Crimes Cold Cases Post-Conviction Testing Expert Witness Testimony Contract Casework
Sexual Assault Kits Missing Person Identifications Consultations and DNA Investigations Custom Casework Backlog Reduction

 Wide Variety of Evidence Accepted

Examples of evidence that can be submitted to Bode for DNA analysis include but are not limited to:

Human Biological Specimens
Skeletal Remains
Swabs of Firearms
Cigarette Butts
Drinking Straws/Containers
Handled/Touched Objects