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SecurSwab 2 DNA Collector

Bode SecurSwab 2 Collectors

More DNA Recovered

The Bode SecurSwab 2 is a collection system that integrates the collection, labeling, protection, preservation, transportation, processing and storage of DNA evidence.

  •  Faster Drying = More DNA
  • Saves Time While Collecting & Processing Evidence
  • Reduces Contamination Risk
  • 30% More Recoverable DNA

Fast Drying – Results in More DNA Yield

The Bode SecurSwab 2 is redesigned to dry samples more than 5 times faster than the SecurSwab.  Faster drying results in more than a 2.5 times higher DNA recovery than older designs. Samples breakdown when wet, with faster drying the sample is protected even more than before from contaminants resulting in MORE DNA!

Instructions for Use

Transport Without DNA Loss The samples stored in the SecurSwab tube averaged the highest yield of DNA.  As displayed on the graph below, placing swabs directly into the SecurSwab after collection averaged >30% more recoverable DNA.

These samples also resulted in 100% complete profiles and there was no evidence of transfer of DNA to the inside of the protective tube.

Comparatively only 41% of samples transported in coin envelopes yielded complete profiles.

This experiment shows that DNA transfer is occurring between swabs and coin envelopes. Although it cannot always be visually seen in all samples, it is evident by the decrease in yield.

Complete Collection System

Each Bode SecurSwab 2 is individually wrapped.  The polypropylene tube serves as a protective case for the collected sample during sample drying, transport and storage. The SecurSwab 2 is offered with 4 unique, matching barcode labels to enhance Chain of Custody control if desired.

Human DNA and DNase Free

Bode SecurSwab Collectors have been tested and certified to be free of human DNA and DNase.

Try a Bode SecurSwab 2 Collection Kit

Include the Bode SecurSwab 2 into a complete collection kit for documenting and transporting up to five samples from a crime scene, Bode SecurSwab 2 Collection Kits mean more DNA can be collected reliably, securely, and efficiently from more crime scenes.

Each Kit Contains:

  • Bode SecurSwab 2 Collector with Barcodes
  • DNA Collector Transport Pouch
  • Sterile Water Vial
  • Dust Mask
  • Pair of Gloves
  • Pre-printed Envelope for Documentation & Transport to the Lab

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Product Quantity Catalog Number
Bode SecurSwab 2 Case of 100Individually Foil-wrapped Collectors P13D04
Bode SecurSwab 2 with Barcodes Case of 100Individually Foil-wrapped Collectors P13D05
Bode SecurSwab 2 Collection Kit Case of 25 P13D77
Bode SecurSwab DUO-V Collectors Case of 100 P10D13
Bode SecurSwab DUO-V Collectors with Barcodes Case of 100 P10D15
Bode IFP Collectors Case of 60 CollectorsCase of 240 Collectors P10D10P10D14
Bode DNA Collector Transport Pouch Case of 100 P01D43
3 mL Water Vials Case of 100 P08D75