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SecurSwab S.I.T. DNA Collector

Bode SecurSwab S.I.T.™ DNA Collectors – P08D72

Control the Chain of Custody The Bode SecurSwab Collectors come individually wrapped with 4 unique, matching barcode labels. To use, just open the wrapper and label the collector and documentation to increase chain of custody control.

Effective Collection The Bode SecurSwab Collector is faster and more reliable than traditional methods because it’s easier to open, hold, use and reseal. The Protective Tube that acts as a handle during collection. The reinforced shaft allows the user to collect a more thorough sample.

Sample Protection The integrated desiccant eliminates the need to air dry most samples. After collection, the reversible square cap can be flipped over so that the sample is protected during transport and short-term storage. The reinforced shaft allows the swab head to be snapped off during processing. The reduction in handling reduces the risk of contamination.

Semi-Automated Processing at the Lab The Bode SecurSwab Collector offers the feature of semi-automated processing once the samples are received by the lab by eliminating the need to cut the cotton swab with scissors for sample processing.
This saves time and prevents contamination during sample processing.
To process, the swab is simply placed directly into a tube at a 45 degree angle and is easily snapped off.

Design Features and Benefits

A. Cotton swab – Collect many types of samples.

  • The sterilizing process renders the collector safe for use in buccal DNA collection or for assault examination.
  • The collector can be used for forensic evidence and DNA sample collection.

B. Reinforced shaft – Efficiently collect and process samples

  • Prevents the shaft from breaking during collection, allowing a more rigorous collection.
  • Unique design allows the cotton head to be snapped off for simple processing, reducing sample
    handling and risk of contamination

C. Reversible square cap – Reduces handling requirements

  • After collection, the cap can be flipped around to protect and dry the sample
  • Square design prevents collector from rolling during air drying

D. Protective tube – Protects sample during transport and storage

  • Ample room for labeling or barcoding to assist in chain of custody control
  • Sturdy polypropylene provides protection provides protection of swab and sample.

E. Integrated desiccant – Eliminates the need to air dry most samples

  • The indicating desiccant has an indicator that changes from blue to pink so the user knows when the desiccant
    is spent. The screw cap allows for easy exchange of a spent desiccant.

Collector Specifications:
Packaging Case of 100 Collectors – individually foil-wrapped collectors
and Barcoding
Foil Wrapper contains 4 removable, matching barcodes
Each collector has a unique barcode ID assigned
Barcode numbers: 128C symbology with 12 numeric digits.
Length of collector: 5.5 inch collector prior to use and during transport and storage.
Collector converts into an 8 inch collector during sample collection.
Indicating Desiccant: 2 gram packet in the bottom of the protective tube. The blue desiccant turns pink as it becomes saturated.

For additional information on this product, please contact our Technical Service Department
at 1-866-263-3443 ext 787.