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SecurSwab™ DUO-V Swab System

SecurSwab™ DUO-V Swab System

The National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) releases an NIJ funded “Swab Collection Study” on April 24, 2012 – Bode’s SecurSwab DUO-V Swab System Ranks #1.  Click here for the study.

The SecurSwab DUO-V is a complete collection system that uses SecurSwab technology to optimize evidence sample collection.

The SecurSwab DUO-V contains 2 cotton tipped swabs that enable the user to perform wet/dry sample collection for forensic evidence.

The collection device is a complete system that includes components for Collection, Preservation & Drying, Protection, Tracking & Transport. 

The system allows for a complete, fast, and reliable collection.

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Features and Benefits

Reduces Time and Cost Of Collection

The SecurSwab DUO-V contains 2-swabs for wet/dry collection and integrated desiccants for drying samples.

The SecurSwab DUO-V also contains and 2 Integrated Desiccants – each desiccant is 1 gram in weight and are positioned to surround the swab head for quicker drying. A fully saturated swab dries in LESS than 6 hours.

This unique design saves time at the crime scene by:

  • Reducing labeling and documentation time
  • Reducing collection time
  • Eliminating sample drying time

Improves Chain of Custody Control

Unique, matching barcode labels are provided with each collector to label the SecurSwab Collector, the DNA Collection Transport Pouch, and any other documentation for effective Chain of Custody.

Minimizes Handling – Reducing Contamination Risk

The SecurSwab DUO-V is designed with a protective tube that serves as a handle during collection. The reversible cap is inverted so that the swabs are protected after collection.

This reduces handling of the swabs, in turn, reducing risk of sample contamination.

Enhances Sample Protection

The integrated desiccants eliminate the need to air dry samples. Immediately after collection, the swab can be inserted into the protective tube where the sample will dry. The sample can immediately be transported to the lab.

The protective tube reduces sample loss and protects the sample from physical and environmental damages.

Improved Collections

The integrated desiccants eliminate the need to air dry samples, reducing collection time in the field. The SecurSwab DUO-V has been validated to collect all types of biological stains commonly found at crime scenes. This includes:

  • Blood
  • Finger Prints
  • Urine
  • Saliva
  • Semen

Certified to be free of Human DNA and DNase Free

SecurSwab DUO-V have been tested and certified to be free of human DNA and the contaminating enzyme DNase.

Drying in Less than 6 Hours

SecurSwab DUO-V Collectors dry samples in less than 5-6 hours. 150uL of water was added the one of the swabs to simulate the saturation from a wet/dry collection. Swabs were then sealed reweighed to determine how much of the sample had dried. The data is shown below.

Table 1: Drying times of samples collected using the SecurSwab collector

Product and Ordering Information

For additional information on this product, please contact our Technical Service Department
at 1-866-263-3443 ext. (787).

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