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Buccal DNA Collector™

White Paper:  Evaluating the Efficiency of the Bode Buccal DNA Collector™ Compared to Treated Collection Cards for DNA Databasing proves  the elimination of a transfer step reduces cost, processing time, re-run and re-collection rates and improves the likelihood of the sample being entered into the database.

Instructions for Use – English (PDF)

Instructions for Use – Japanese (PDF)

Instructions for Use – Spanish (PDF)

Product Note: Processing with AmpFlSTR® Identifiler® Direct (PDF)

Product Note: Buccal DNA Collection and Transport (PDF)

Product Features

Direct Collection/ Chain of Custody – The Buccal DNA Collector is used to collect the sample directly on to the collection paper without a transfer step. This collection paper is sonically welded to the handle at one end and the label is applied to the other end. This ensures the original sample remains with the labeled handle through processing and archiving, increasing chain of custody control.

Archivable – The Buccal DNA Collector offers long-term DNA stability when stored at room temperature that makes archiving easy. The collection paper has a large surface area so that after initial processing, the sample can still be stored for additional testing – up to 19 times. Archiving is easy using the Buccal DNA Archival Trays or Archival Cassettes.

Automate Processing – The Buccal DNA Collector is designed to easily be used when punching samples using BSD automated punching devices. The BSD software allows the user to create a manifest of samples in a processing tray that can be exported for sample tracking.

The plastic parts (handle, sliding cover, and support) are manufactured with sturdy, safe, medical grade plastic. The collection paper is assembled to the handle in a clean room environment and attached to the handle with sonic welding. The handle is snapped into the support and the device is heat sealed inside the protective outer package. The device is then E-beam treated and is safe for use in mouth. Custom labeling can be applied to the handle for recording subject information. The top of the sliding cover has enough surface area for applying barcode label. The sliding cover provides protection to the paper and allows air flow ventilation for drying the paper. The Bode Slider Buccal DNA CollectorTM is comprised of the following components:

Handle – The handle is used for labeling. The collection paper will never have to be separated from the handle that contains the original label.

Support - The sturdy support lets the user push on the inside of the cheek with force to collect a thorough sample.

Slider Cover – The slider cover is attached to the handle of the collector and covers the collection paper when pushed forward over the paper. This reduces any chance of contaminating the collector when handling and allows air to flow to the collection paper for efficient drying and protects the sample from being lost on the inside of a transport pouch.

Collection Paper – The collection paper is made from 100% pure  cotton linters.


Collector Specifications:
Measurements of collector: Length: 6 3/8 in.
Width: 3/4 in.
Height: 5/8 in.
Weight of Collector: 0.5 oz.
Desiccant: Small Desiccant packages in the transfer pouches to maintain a
dry environment

Bode Buccal Collection System – Kits and Complementary Products

Buccal DNA Collection Kits: Bode provides kits containing all components required for documenting, collecting and transporting a DNA sample.

Customize your own Buccal DNA Collection Kit, all components can be customized and allow for fast, accurate and reliable reference sample collection.  Bode will work with you step-by-step to create a custom kit for your dna collection needs (arrestee, convicted offender, etc.)

Buccal DNA Transport Pouch: Bode’s safe, secure Buccal DNA Transport PouchTM with desiccant and customizable outer kit envelope are designed to protect and provide a stable environment for DNA samples during transport or storage.

Buccal DNA Archival TrayTM: Buccal DNA Archival Trays minimize the amount of space needed to store Buccal DNA Collectors. A box containing 88 collectors is less than half of one cubic foot and can be stored at room temperature.

Archival Cassettes with Cassette EnvelopesTM: Archival Cassettes are heavy-stock paper storage magazines designed specifically for the storage and archiving of the Buccal DNA Collector.

Bode Punch Prep: Chemistry designed for lysis of cells for use in direct amplification processing.