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DNA Collection Products

Buccal DNA Collection™ System

Bode’s integrated Buccal DNA Collection system offers solutions for collecting, transporting, processing, storing, and archiving buccal DNA samples. The Bode Buccal DNA Collector™ is a non-invasive, direct collection device designed for the collection of cheek buccal cells. The direct collection assures high yields and high reliability when using the device to obtain a DNA profile. The design and attached barcode labels provide flexibility in archiving solutions and automated processing.  With over 4 million reference samples collected for the CODIS database programs, the Bode Buccal DNA Collection System is proven and reliable.


White Paper:  Evaluating the Efficiency of the Bode Buccal DNA Collector™ Compared to Treated Collection Cards for DNA Databasing proves  the elimination of a transfer step reduces cost, processing time, re-run and re-collection rates and improves the likelihood of the sample being entered into the database.

SecurSwab™ DNA Collection Products

The SecurSwab DNA Collection devices are designed to integrate the collection, labeling, protection, transportation, and processing of crime scene evidence. These collectors can be part of kits designed for various processes like property crime scene collection. New versions of the SecurSwab have been developed to meet the requirements for wet/dry stain collection procedures and single unit or six-pack packaging for field use and site exploitation.

The SecurSwab Collection System utilizes human DNA-free swabs, reinforced with a plastic barrel to collect more reliable samples.  The protective tube secures the collected evidence, barcode labels simplify chain-of-custody and integrated desiccants preserve the evidence.

  • Saves time while collecting & processing samples
  • Reduces contamination risk
  • Improves evidence integrity
  • Easy-to-use & requires minimal training
  • Certified to be free of human DNA and DNase

Introducing the SecurSwab 2 Collection Device

Complete Collection System

Each Bode SecurSwab 2 is individually wrapped. The polypropylene tube serves as a protective case for the collected sample during sample drying, transport and storage. The SecurSwab 2 is offered with 4 unique, matching barcode labels to enhance Chain of Custody control if desired.

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