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BodeHITS – Rapid DNA

BodeHITS- Rapid DNA

BodeHITS-Rapid DNA™ combines Bode’s local DNA database capability with our unique Rapid DNA Analysis ServiceThis program will allow Police Departments to use technologies to solve crime in ways they never have seen before.

Bensalem Township Police Department Launches BodeHITS -Rapid DNA Pilot Program!

BodeHITS™ – Local DNA Database Program allows police departments to solve crimes within their community using DNA.  Bode provides efficient and cost-effective DNA analysis, and manages a DNA database of criminals and cases within each law enforcement’s jurisdiction.

  • Significantly increase the number of leads & arrests
  • Allows police departments to prioritize and control which cases are processed
  • Fast & cost-effective DNA processing from the DNA experts

BodeHITS-Rapid DNA takes DNA testing to the next level

This program gives police departments the ability to have real-time results with their DNA samples.  The turnaround time for DNA results under this program is 90 minutes.

The results will be searched against the police department’s local database (BodeHITS).  The Rapid DNA testing implemented by Bode and enabled by Life Technologies products and services is the first of their kind in the field - in that it is a high-throughput process can test DNA evidence from a crime scene.

  • Produce near, real-time DNA matches
  • Generate probable cause arrests in active criminal investigations
  • Reduce recidivism in local jurisdiction


The BodeHITS-Rapid DNA program can take place at Bode Technology or the Police Headquarters.  Bode Technology provides the services and a forensic scientist; Life Technologies, the market leader in DNA testing systems, provides 3500xL Genetic Analyzer, AmpFLSTR® Identifiler® PCR Amplification Kits and ongoing support required to perform DNA testing. Bode also offers reach back support to review DNA HITS.

Bensalem Township Police Department Launches BodeHITS – Rapid DNA Pilot Program!

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