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BodeHITS – Local DNA Database and Cost-Effective DNA Analysis


BodeHITS™ is a service provided to law enforcement agencies designed to quickly develop DNA profiles from evidence and reference samples collected from crime scenes, ideally suited for property crimes.  Research funded by the NIJ  has determined the high value of using DNA evidence analysis in solving crimes.

Processing DNA evidence in property crime cases:*

  • DOUBLES the number of suspects identified
  • DOUBLES the arrest rate
  • DOUBLES the cases accepted for prosecution
  • IS cost-effective

BodeHITS uses DNA technology to generate more investigative leads to solve more crimes.

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Introducing: BodeHITS-Rapid DNA™ combines Bode’s local DNA database capability with our unique Rapid DNA Analysis Service.  This program will allow Police Departments to use technologies to solve crime in ways they never have seen before.

Bensalem Township Police Department Launches BodeHITS -Rapid DNA Pilot Program!

BodeHITS – enables law enforcement agencies to have more control over their cases and fast turnaround on DNA analysis to develop investigative leads through the creation of a local DNA database

Through the use of DNA technology, law enforcement agencies can significantly increase the number of arrests for crimes and increase the likelihood of positive identification from crime scene evidence.

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*NIJ funded study:The DNA Field Experiment:  Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the Use of DNA in the Investigation of High-Volume Crimes, April 2008.