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Same-Day DNA Service

Allow DNA to Drive Your Investigation with Same-Day DNA Service

Court-Ready DNA Analysis in One Day

Bode Technology’s new Same-Day DNA Service allows DNA to be used as a crime fighting tool to solve cases early in an investigation.  Bode’s Same-Day DNA Service provides forensic DNA analysis and a court-ready report the same day that the forensic evidence is received at the laboratory.*  Bode has applied years of experience as the world’s leading private DNA laboratory to create significant advancements in efficiency to offer high-quality data, expert-written reports and the fastest forensic DNA service available today.

*Prior to submitting a case, please call Technical Services for additional details at 1.866.263.3443 ext. 787 or +1.703.646.9740 ext. 787 for details

Solve Crimes Faster:

  • DNA results in ONE day

  • Quickly identify leads

  • Attorneys can have full, court-ready forensic reports the same day
  • Crime labs can expand capacity during high-profile or rush investigations

Fast, Sensitive and Reliable Results

Improvements in processing efficiency have enabled Bode’s scientists to provide its first-in-class services in a fraction of the time. Bode’s Same-Day DNA Service utilizes validated procedures that are accepted and defended in court.  This service has been validated to meet the FBI’s Quality Assurance Standard and follows ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation requirements.

Proven Experience

Bode Technology has more experience in processing forensic DNA evidence than any other laboratory in the United States. We have delivered over 1.3 million offender DNA profiles to 26 U.S. states and a number of federal agencies.  We have completed DNA analysis on over 80,000 cases, from every U.S. state and over 10 countries.  We are leaders in the use of the latest technologies such as STR, Y-STR, mini-STR, mtDNA and serology/screening, along with touch DNA analysis methods.  Bode also offers excellent technical support and expert witness testimony.

Wide Variety of Samples Accepted for Same-Day DNA Service


Blood on Non-Porous Surfaces
Blood on Swab
Bode Buccal™ Collector
Buccal Swab
Bode SecurSwab™ Collector
Cigarette Butt
Drinking Straw
Treated Collection Cards (Blood and Saliva)
Treated Elute Cards
S&S® Paper
Saliva on Non-porous Surfaces
Stains on Fabrics
Touch Items
Worn Fabrics
Wet/Dry Cotton Swabs
Samples Containing Semen(two-day service)



Accredited Laboratory

Bode’s laboratory is one of the few private facilities worldwide to receive both ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation from Forensic Quality Services- International Division and accreditation from the American Society of Crime Lab Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD-LAB).

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Contact us for information:

1.866.263.3443 or +1.703.646.9740

*Prior to submitting a case, please call Technical Services for additional details at 1.866.263.3443 ext. 787 or +1.703.646.9740 ext. 787 for details