<b>Forensic Solutions from Bode Technology</b>  Now as a wholly-owned subsidiary of LabCorp, Bode continues to provide:<br/>
•Trusted forensic DNA analysis services <br/>
•Innovative products and solutions<br/>
•Quality service and support
<b>The Bode Buccal 2™ DNA collection device is the next generation of solutions for DNA sample collection from individuals.  </b>
							 The Bode Buccal 2 improves success rate in the lab and helps to streamline operations, ultimately leading to more efficient lab operations. <b>Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Reduction</b>
							 Every year thousands of sexual assault kits go untested.  There are an estimated 400,000 kits currently backlogged in the United States alone and only 25% of rapes result in an arrest.  Bode has worked with jurisdictions including Los Angeles and Houston to clear their backlogs. Click the image to learn how Bode can partner with you to help the victims of sexual assault find justice. <b>Local DNA Database & Cost-Effective DNA Analysis</b>
							 DNA evidence is the gold standard for solving most crimes – including property crimes. Click here to learn how agencies are controlling what samples are processed for DNA through creating a local DNA database. <b>BodeLIMS – The First True Forensic DNA LIMS</b>
							 BodeLIMS™, tracks samples from receipt through reporting. The software documents and captures the entire DNA analysis process and is completely configurable, thus adaptable to changing technologies. 
							 -	Create DNA Processes
							 -	Combine to Create Workflows
							 -	Capture All Data in LIMS
							 Click the image to find out how to improve managing and documenting your DNA analysis process.