<b>Forensic Solutions from Bode Cellmark Forensics</b>
							 </p>Now as a wholly-owned subsidiary of LabCorp, Bode continues to provide:
•Trusted forensic DNA analysis services </br>
•Innovative products and solutions</br>
•Quality service and support</br>
</p> <b>Registration is now open for Bode West.</b>
							 </p>The Annual DNA Technical Workshops provide DNA training on the latest techniques and technologies to the forensic community. <b>The Bode Buccal 2™ DNA collection device is the next generation of solutions for DNA sample collection from individuals.  </b>
							 </p>The Bode Buccal 2 improves success rate in the lab and helps to streamline operations, ultimately leading to more efficient lab operations. <b>Bode has supported more than 100 validations and equipment checks for our clients.  </b>
							 Click to learn more about how our Independent Validation services and Customized Approaches can support your lab. <b>Local DNA Database & Cost-Effective DNA Analysis</b>
							 </p>DNA evidence is the gold standard for solving most crimes – including property crimes. Click here to learn how agencies are controlling what samples are processed for DNA through creating a local DNA database.