<b>NEW FUNDING: Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Reduction</b>
							 </p>There are thousands of untested rape kits in the United States alone.  Bode has partnered with labs, prosecutors, and law enforcement agencies to clear their backlogs. Click the image to learn how Bode can partner with you to help the victims of sexual assault find justice.</p>NEW: Also learn how the NY DA's Office is funding the initiative. <b>Registration is now open for Bode West.</b>
							 </p>The Annual DNA Technical Workshops provide DNA training on the latest techniques and technologies to the forensic community. <b>The Bode Buccal 2™ DNA collection device is the next generation of solutions for DNA sample collection from individuals.  </b>
							 </p>The Bode Buccal 2 improves success rate in the lab and helps to streamline operations, ultimately leading to more efficient lab operations. <b>Bode has supported more than 100 validations and equipment checks for our clients.  </b>
							 Click to learn more about how our Independent Validation services and Customized Approaches can support your lab. <b>Local DNA Database & Cost-Effective DNA Analysis</b>
							 </p>DNA evidence is the gold standard for solving most crimes – including property crimes. Click here to learn how agencies are controlling what samples are processed for DNA through creating a local DNA database.